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Raquel González On Her Journey To Becoming NXT Women’s Champion, Working w/ WWE & More! {INTERVIEW}

Ahead of NXT Takeover: In Your House I had the opportunity to chat with the current NXT Women’s Champion Raquel González. During this conversation we talked about her journey to becoming the face of the NXT Women’s division, she tells me about the hurdles she faced and more. Plus, she also discusses her friendship with Dakota Kai, her feud with Rhea Ripley and so much more.

Below are some of the highlights from this interview. You can watch the entire interview above or by clicking on this link.

Raquel Gonzalez Talks About The Challenges She Faced On Her Route To Becoming NXT Women’s Champion

“When I started in the Performance Center in October of 2016, I was an entirely different person. I had just moved away from my family, the farthest I’d ever been away from them and I am super close with my family so it was a very tough decision but they supported me no matter what and so that within itself was difficult. Then starting a life in Orlando, Florida on my own was also difficult. And not just a normal life but I am starting a life as a WWE superstar and I have these goals I am trying to reach, these things that I want to do, which is become the face of NXT and to be constantly told ‘no you’re not ready , no its not gonna happen,’… It makes me look back on my entire journey and it’s something that just keeps that fire lit in me, the fuel that keeps on fueling me because it was such a long journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wouldn’t change not one thing, its my journey and I’ve accepted it and I love it for everything that it has taught me but it’s kept that fire burning inside of me and that’s what makes it even better. I know where I come from and I know what I’ve done to get here and I would not change a damn thing. Nothing is gonna stop that fire from burning inside of me. To know that I am the face of the NXT Women’s Division and that I am the champion it’s sweet, its so so sweet but it’s also something that makes me want more. I want more. I am hungry. “

Raquel Gonzalez Talks About Being Intimidated By Some Of The Other Women When She First Joined NXT Developmental

“100%. I came in pretty fresh. I had just graduated college and all I’d really known was basketball. Yes my father wrestled when I was younger, but he didn’t really push me into that world even though I wanted to be a wrestler when I was younger. He didn’t want me to yet, because he wanted me to go to college first, get an education , play a sport, get a a degree and I did all of that. So when I came into WWE and yes I had this passion from being a young child and seeing my father wrestle and wanting to do it as well but I came in so unexperienced that it was intimidating to see these women who knew a lot… It was something where I knew I had to put in the work and I had to be patient with myself and that’s the hardest thing I think with a lot of us especially me because I get so hungry and I want these things and I want them now. But I have to be patient with myself and I have to tell myself to take a step back because ‘you know what you’re still learning girl and you’re still growing’ …. I am still learning still growing and I am still going to be your NXT Women’s Champion no matter what.”

Raquel Gonzalez Talks About Her Friendship with Dakota Kai and Says She Can’t See Herself As Champion without Her

“Dakota was actually the person who constantly supported me through everything , when I was supposed to have my original debut when NXT had its first live show on the USA Network and I was told ‘you’re not ready yet,’ she was there for me and she saw pretty much how it impacted me. She constantly supported me through all of that so when we decided to go with our pairing and go with my new debut at NXT Portland it was very exciting for both of us. I think we’re both very happy about it because we’ve become very close. She started the PC around the same time that I did and watching her and learning from her helped my confidence a lot. She comes with so much experience she’s had stories with Shayna Baszler, she was Nia Jax’s first match, she’s had stories with Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai and she’s wrestled these women all over the world that helps me so much because I knew that I had a partner and I had someone to look up to and learn from and that’s exactly what Dakota has been for me since day one…. We’ve grown as teammates and as partners and I don’t see myself as champion without her and I hope something we look forward to together is being champions together again. “

Don’t miss Raquel González defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Ember Moon on Sunday, June 13th at NXT Takeover: In Your House. Those within the United States can watch on the Peacock app and those everywhere else can watch on the WWE Network.

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