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5 Items Every Swiftie Needs In Her Closet

There’s no point in lying. All us Swifties have copied Taylor Swift’s one or twice. Or in my case like a hundred times! I mean how can we not when Taylor is literally perfection?

Of course depending on which Swiftie era we’re talking about the items you should have in your closet may vary, for example, the “Fearless Era” you gotta have sundresses and cowgirl boots. And for the “1989 era” it’s all about the crop tops!

This list is a little bit more generic and is a blend of the eras and based off things we know Taylor loves or has been spotted wearing.


  • Crop Tops


I don’t know anyone else on this planet that has as many crop tops as Taylor Swift.  There are countless pics of Taylor with crop tops whether she’s headlining a show, walking a red carpet or hanging out with her squad.


  • Leather Bags

This is more seen in Taylor’s street style. The singer is usually always spotted in leather bags. It’s a good way for her to complete her look without taking away too much attention from her clothing and always makes her look extra sophisticated.


  • Red Lipstick & Cat Eyeliner

Okay, you can’t put this in your closet but it’s impossible not to include Taylor’s makeup style onto this list. Having your makeup done like Taylor will bring your Taylor-Inspired look to the next level. The red lip is very Red era timeline for Swift, but the queen of red lips still hasn’t completely given up her trademark lip. Even now through her Reputation era we’ve seen her in red lips.


  • Trendy Sunglasses

Taylor rocks everything she wears, including sunglasses. We have seen her wear many different styles, including her adorable cat eye ones.


  • Cute Sweaters & Jackets

Again, we see this a lot throughout her everyday looks. Whether it’s a cold day in New York, or a breezy day in Rhode Island, you can always count on Taylor to wear her adorable sweaters or stylish coats and jackets.



What other items must we add to the list? Leave us a comment below!

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