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Taylor Swift Is Releasing A 2nd Delicate Video!


If you think you’re reading this wrong, you’re not.  Taylor Swift posted a video on her social media accounts saying that there will be a brand new second video of her song ‘Delicate.’ The video is set to be released only on Spotify, tonight!

And here we thought it couldn’t get any better? Can we just call Taylor the Queen of Music Videos now?

Swifties, you’re probably dying for more details. But we know Taylor, and she’s just gonna make us Swifties wait on the edge of our seats.

Things We Need To Know:

  • Is this an entirely different video from the first one where she’s dancing in the rain and get’s handed that secret note?
  • Or, is this the second part to the video? Will we finally know who she was staring at in the bar? This is the option I think is more likely but you never know!
  • Also, will Joe Alwyn appear in the video? I know for a fact of Joe makes a tiny little appearance we’re all going to lose it!

Well, we only have a few hours to wait since the new video will be released on Spotify tonight!

Here’s the full message from Taylor.

P.S Mom looks GORGEOUS while in rehearsals for her Reputation Stadium Tour rocking her REP Merch.


Alright Swifties, in the comments below let us know what you think the video will be and what you’d like to see happen? 

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