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Cardi B Tweets About Farting!

We know that celebs are ALWAYS surrounded by people. In fact, you can always spot a celeb right smack in the middle of their entourage. Celebs have to worry about so much like appearances, public perception etc. But one of things we didn’t think they worried about is FARTING!

But it makes sense though, right? No one wants to fart in public. Not even celebs!

Cardi B posted this super RELATABLE tweet about wanting to fart but not being able to. GOD BLESS HER SOUL.

And get this her fans even started giving her tips!

Ooh that’s a good one! *taking notes

Is this what corners were meant for?


On the bright side next time you’re in a public place and need to let one out, just know that Cardi B feels ya!

Can you relate to Cardi B? Let us know in the comments below! 

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