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Riverdale: Is Cheryl Blossom A Better Human Than Veronica and Betty?

Each time I watch Riverdale I find myself getting angry at Archie and Veronica. Betty comes and goes-sometimes I really like her and other times I question what she does. Everybody loves Jughead. But what about Cheryl Blossom?

Cheryl is supposed to be the mean girl, which don’t get me wrong she has had her very mean moments. But since the start of Riverdale, I’ve always loved Cheryl! And I think she deserves MORE LOVE.

Veronica and Betty are going through some serious drama. Betty has a stranger living in her home and Veronica is stuck in between a rock and a hard place being involved with her family business. Yes, these are all problems I wouldn’t want, but Cheryl has way bigger problems! r2

Cheryl has the world’s creepiest mother! We don’t really know if she’s actually loved at all by her, is struggling with being lonely and her sexuality and her own mother put her in an insane asylum! Oh, and her brother died and she saw her father commit suicide.

These are all HORRIBLE things. And here’s the thing, Cheryl is actually one of the nicest characters. Again, she has done some mean girl type stuff but overall I think she might even be a better person than Veronica and Betty.

Before, I continue, let me say that I do like both B & V. But Veronica is becoming a tiny version of her mom, she says she’s trying to protect her family and her relationship with Archie but she always does otherwise. I definitely prefer Betty than Veronica only because I see Betty trying to do more right than wrong. Although, helping her mom cover up a murder? That’s not what we’d expect from “good girl” Betty.

Then with Cheryl. Even when her evil mother became a courtesan, Cheryl still tried to get her away from that type of business.  And she’s also fallen in love with someone regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, she follows her heart. And that takes bravery!

Compared to Veronica and Betty, Cheryl is more vulnerable even though her exterior is more “hard.” Deep down inside Cheryl just wants to be loved.

So in the end what I am trying to say is we need more good things to happen to Cheryl!


Alright, Riverdale fans what do you think about this? Who do you ship more Betty, Veronica or Cheryl? And what would you like to see happen in Cheryl’s future? 





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