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Louisiana Athletic Commission Is Banning Wrestling Promotions From Doing These Moves During WM Weekend

Louisiana is known for regulating Pro Wrestling the same way that boxing and Mixed Martial Arts is. There are particular rules set in place by the state that if companies running don’t abide by they risk loosing their promoter’s license.

Most states that regulate wrestling often have a list of basic rules promotions need to follow i.e having EMT personnel on site, an ambulance, or paying an event tax. However, it is rare when a commission gets involved with in-ring elements. And unfortunately, for the promotions and wrestlers working during Wrestlemania weekend in Louisiana there are certain moves that have been banned by the commission.

Some of the moves that have been banned by the Louisiana Athletic Commission include:


  1.      Any variation of a piledriver
  2.      Any variation of a powerbomb
  3.      Moonsault
  4.      Shooting Star Press
  5.      450 splash
  6.      Striking your opponent with a foreign object on the head
  7.      Blading/Blood
  8.      Knocking over an opponent off the top of the rope
  9.      Brawling within the crowd

The list doesn’t affect any WWE or ROH events since the commission considers them major league.

However, the commission has the right to allow certain wrestlers to use these moves as long as the commission believes they have the right amount of training and athletic ability to perform said moves.

How the commission determines which wrestlers they deem qualified to execute these moves is unknown to the public, which in doubt only leaves people confused.

Now, whether or not the commission will act as strict as it sounds is still unknown. So, we will just have to wait and see once Wrestlemania week actually begins whether or not these moves are really banned or not and if there will be any repercussions for those who do break the rules set forth by the commission.

Okay, let us know your thoughts about this issue in the comments below?! Do you agree with the commission or do you disagree? 













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