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24 Things You Should Know About Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa recently made history at the Brit Awards by becoming the most nominated female at the Brits, with a grand total of five including Album of the Year, British Single of the Year, and British Music Video of the Year. Her song “New Rules” was her first single to reach #1 in the U.K sine Adele’s “Hello.”

As of right now she’s currently working on new music for her second studio album. So, it’s time to get to know this awesome, on the rise, pop-star!

  1. She used to work at a club. 

One of her past jobs included her working on the door of a nightclub in Mayfair, London. At 15, she also worked as a waitress in London.

2. Her name means “love.”

In Albanian, her name means love. Although, it’s been noted that she disliked it at a start, she eventually grew to loving her name.


3.  She went to the same school as Rita Ora and Amy Winehouse.

She went to the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone.

4. Her teacher told her she couldn’t sing.

At the young age of eleven, Dua wanted to join the the school choir but was told by the teacher that she was not a good singer.

5. She posted videos of herself singing on Youtube. 

Although none of her videos ever went viral, Dua said she used Youtube as a portfolio of her work.

6. Lived on her own at the age of 15 in London.

Dua has said that being on her own made her the person she is today.

7.  Was signed by Warner Bros. at 18 years old. 

8. She has 7 tattoos 

Including the word Angel on her shoulder, palm trees on the back of her arm and Sunny Hill on her arm from the small town Kosovo, which is where she grew up.

9. She says she is guilty of using the word “Fuck” quite often.


10. Dua told Buzzfeed, her guilty TV pleasure is Gossip Girl. 

12. The first CD she ever bought was Woah Nelly by Nelly Furtado. 

13. When it comes to food she loves chips and cheese pizza! 

14. Her horoscope sign is Leo. 

She was born August 22, 1995.


15. Her father was a singer, his name is Dukagjin Lipa. He sang in a rock band called Kosovar Albanian. 

16. Her name is actually pronounced Doer Leaper. 

17. Dua Lipa also worked as a model and was signed with multiple agencies around the world including: New York, Paris, Milan, London, and Miami. 

She stopped modeling in the 2010s to pursue her singing career.


18. She loves 90s fashion. 

She loves the way Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore would dress.

19. She loves wearing chokers. 

20. One of her hobbies is boxing. 

21. She knows how to play the cello. 

22. She has her own Charity Foundation.

Its called Sunny Hill, to support charitable and arts programs in Kosovo.

23. Her woman crush is Italian blogger, Chiara Ferragni. 

24. She was an opening act for Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Troye Sivan. 




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