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21 Fun Facts About Camila Cabello

Since leaving Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has skyrocketed into stardom. Her first single off her self-titled but album, “Havana” broke record after record even becoming 2017’s longest running #1 hit on the iTunes chart. Fast forward to 2018, she’s currently planning her “Never Be The Same Tour” and will be opening for Taylor Swift during her “Reputation Stadium Tour.” Clearly, Camila is doing a lot of big things right now and from the looks of it her career is just going to keep getting brighter and brighter.

Here are some fun facts about Camila Cabello.



  1. Camila Cabello learned to speak English by watching TV and cartoons. 

She didn’t actually know how to speak English when she first came to the United States. But through TV shows she was able to pick up quickly.

2. Her real name is Karla. 

Most people tend to like their first names and not their middle names, Camila is actually named Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao. Therefore, she goes by her middle name!

3. Taylor Swift Threw Camila An 18th Birthday Party

Camila told MTV news that Taylor threw her a birthday party after Taylor texted her to ask her what she was going to do to celebrate. When Camila told her that she didn’t have anything going on at the moment that is when Taylor asked her to come over. They had a celebration and ate food from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. And now they are dominating the music world and touring together!


4.  Her Great-Granfather fought in the Mexican Revolution. 

During the 1900s, her great-grandfather Proculo fought alongside Emiliano Zapata, in the Mexican Revolution. Zapata is a legendary figure of the Mexican Revolution.

5. She’s vegan. 

In an interview with the New York Times, she says she is Vegan.

6. She had a poster of Taylor Swift in her room. 

While announcing that she would be joining Taylor Swift on tour, she said she used to have a poster of Taylor Swift in her room when she was 14 years old! How AWESOME is that! SO, CUTE!

7. Somebody once thought she was Selena Gomez. 

Camila told Buzzfeed, that when she was in an airport, a guy didn’t know who she was instead he thought she was Selena Gomez.

8. She loves Rome, Italy.

They say it takes a lifetime to see all of Rome. Camila told Buzzfeed that when she first went to Rome it changed her life.

9.  She framed one of Ed Sheeran’s tweets in her bedroom. 

When she was in Fifth Harmony, they did a cover of Ed Sheeran’s song “Lego House” and he tweeted them saying “Incredible.” And then a fan of Camila’s framed the tweet and now she has it up in her room.

10. She freaked out meeting One Direction. 

Camila told Buzzfeed this is just one example of the many times she has freaked out meeting a celebrity.


11. She’s afraid of sharks and the ocean. 

Camila freaked out while scuba diving with her family in Cancun and even peed a little while having an anxiety attack.

12. She is a huge bookworm. 

She loves books and she is also a huge Harry Potter fan!


13.  She is a fan of Gossip Girl and Sex and The City. 

She said in an interview with Seventeen that she binge watched Gossip Girl in 24 hours. And in an interview with the New York Times she said she was a fan of Sex and the City, and that even though in her heart she is Carrie she thinks she acts more like a Charlotte.

14. As a kid she was very shy.

According to Camila’s mom, when Camila would attend parties with large crowds she would cry.

15. She is super close to her young sister!

She is super close to her little sister, Sofia “Sofi” Cabello, they hang out a lot and has even brought along as her date to quite a few award shows!


16. She loves bananas. 


17. Camila Cabello loves the TV show Friends. 

She told this to Billboard before the MTV Movie Awards.

18. Her favorite movies include: E.T., Avatar, Hitch, Life Is Beautiful, Tangled, Elf, Pretty Woman, and The Notebook. 

19. Her horoscope sign is Pieces. 

She was born March 3, 1997 in Cojimar, Cuba.

20. She is Cuban-Mexican-America.

Her mother is Cuban and her father is Mexican. She immigrated to the United States when she six years old.

21. She collects bows. 




What is your favorite thing about Camila Cabello? Let us know! 









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