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Wrestlecon Supershow Results + Review

On Thursday, April 5th, Wrestlecon held their Supershow at The Sugar Mill in New Orleans. One of the first wrestling events to be held during Wrestlemania weekend. The show featured a little bit of everything from surprise appearances, to lucha libre to inter-gender wrestling and so much more.

The first portion of the show was mainly comedic while the second half was focused more on the wrestling.The event was completely sold out, with many people standing,  the crowd was hot the entire night.

Match #1 Penta El Zero M def. Joey Janela.

Even though this match was sloppy, the crowd was very hot throughout the entire match.

Match #2 Joey Ryan’s Andy Kaufman Inter-gender Challenge

Joey Ryan came out and cut a promo saying that even though he loves women that all women need to learn that their place is in the kitchen and that the women in the audience needed to learn how to shave their legs. This was a very funny promo.

Afterwards, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawyer answered Joey’s challenge. They went back and forth talking about pile drivers. Jerry said he would pile drive Joey, but Joey countered saying that he wasn’t allowed to because pile drivers aren’t allowed by the Louisiana Athletic Commission.

Then, Joey asked Jerry to touch his dong. But instead Jerry threw a fireball to Joey’s crotch.

And Joey Ryan won via DQ.

Match #3 10-Person Lucha Rules Match

This was five women vs. five men. The women’s team included Tessa Blanchard, Tenille Dashwood, Nicole Savoy, Shazza McKenzie, and Penelope Ford, they took on Jake Manning, Trevor Lee,Caleb Konley, Zane Riley,and MJF.

Unfortunately, this match was also very sloppy. And the crowd died during this match. With so much going on, it was easy to get lost in the shuffle. There were a few cool moments. But overall, Tessa Blanchard shined the hardest out of everyone in the ring.

Match #4 Tomohoro Ishii def. Jeff Cobb

The match took a while to build up, they quickly got into some hard back and forth punches. The crowd was still a little dead at the start of this match. But towards the middle Ishii and Cobb brought the audience back to life and ended up having a really good match. This was the turning point of the show from comedic to pure wrestling.

Match #5: Rey Fenix and Rey Horus def. Flamita and Bandito.

This was the best match of the night without a doubt! From start to finish, the crowd was into it, there were tons of cool spots and by far the most memorable match of the night.

Match #6: The Mexicools and Chico El Luchador def. Jason Cade, Teddy Hart, Matt Classic

This was a good match. Not as good as the one before, but still entertaining. Super Crazy stood out in this match and still has some killer moonsaults.

Match #7:Will Ospreay def. Adam Brooks, Sammy Guevara, and Shane Strickland

This was the second best match of the entire night. Each guy stood out during this match and worked great together.Some spots were a little sloppy but it didn’t take away from the match.  Will Ospreay and Sammy Guevara, had some nice moments in the ring. They did a lot of hard spots, all at the right moments which played really well and kept the crowd hyped the entire match. Will Ospreay of course was over during the entire match and eventually won with the OzCutter.

Match #8: Minoru Suzuki, Brain Cage, David Starr def. Sami Callihan, Juice Robinson and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Everyone got an opportunity to shine in this match, and despite it being past midnight at this point, the crowd was super into it and was a good match overall. Sami Callihan got an insane amount of heel heat and played well especially towards the end when everyone wanted Suzuki to break his arm. However, Sami ran out of the ring and away from Suzuki, Suzuki was so hyped and ready to break someone’s arm that he started grabbing his own teammates arms and the referee’s arm too. That was a fun touch and a fun match to watch.

Match #9:  Golden Lovers def. Chuck Taylor and Flip Gordon.

This was the main of event of night. Originally, Chuckie T’s partner was supposed to be Trent Barreta but due to injury he was unable to wrestle. So, before this match no one knew whom his partner would be. Everybody was expecting someone really good but it ended up being Flip Gordon. The crowd was not happy with this at all. The energy of the crowd went down, the match was decent but I don’t think it was everything everyone was hoping for.

At the end Chuckie T called Trent Barreta to come join him in the ring, he then told Kenny and Kota that he still wants the original match to happen sometime in the near future, everyone applauded.


Overall, the show was totally worth it. It was a lot of fun, and even through some of the down parts the crowd still stayed hyped the entire night. The venue was cool, although a little crowded. The outside of the venue was cool too because there was an outdoor area where guys were selling their merch and taking pictures with fans. So a fun Wrestlemania weekend experience which is what everyone was hoping to get. The venue was right  across from the Convention Center where WWE Axxess was being held, so it was easy for fans to go back fourth. Overall the show lasted around 3 hours maybe a little less since it started around 10pm and ended before 1pm.


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