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Revolution Pro at Wrestlecon Results

Rev Pro held their show at Wrestlecon at the Sugar Mill in New Orleans, Louisiana. So far this was one of the best shows of Wrestlemania weekend, check out the full results!

1. David Starr def. Martin Stone 

This was a real good opener with solid and stiff exchanges and Good hold-to-hold wrestling. David Starr won via roll up with feet on the ropes.

2. Adam Brooks vs Brian Cage

This was a fantastic match, it was weird seeing the much smaller Adam Brooks play heel but it worked. So many great spots showcasing the strengths of both guys. Cage is scary strong and has freakish athletic ability. There was a ref bump that allowed Adam Brooks to pick up the win after he hit Cage with a low blow.

3. Rocky Romero, Will Ospreay, & Chuckie T vs Kota Ibushi, Shane Strickland & Flip Gordon

This match started off slow but picked with sensational dives and flips from Kota Ibushi & Flip Gordon. After that it was non-stop action and turned into an amazing match. The crowd loved anytime Ospreay and Ibushi had any exchanges. Flip Gordon was spectacular and crowd loved him when he did an awesome spot but chanted ‘you still suck’ afterwards.

4. Jeff Cobb vs Minoru Suzuki

A great match ,Suzuki was an absolute star and beat on Jeff Cobb relentlessly. Minoru Suzuki was being the dastardly bastard that he is and the crowd loved him for it. Jeff Cobb got to show off his suplexes and agility. They both worked really good with each other especially trading chops and Cobb tossing Suzuki around. Minoru Suzuki won when Cobb attempted a powebomb but Suzuki slid behind him for a rear naked choke and the tap out. The finish looked great because of Jeff Cobb’s size and seeing Minoru choking him with all his might.

5. Aussie Open vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & Juice Robinson

A good solid tag match. Juice & Tanahashi have great chemistry together and I want to see them keep teaming. Aussie Open hung with them and it was impressive. This match was more of a Tanahashi showcase. Crowd loved everything he did. Hiroshi Tanahashi hit the High Fly Flow for the win and the crowd lost it. They loved him so much and saw him as a superstar.

6. RPW British Heavyweight Title match: Tomohiro Ishii vs Zack Sabre Jr

It was amazing to see Zabre Jr transition from one submission to another live. He’s a special talent. Real good match even with different styles, these two mesh well together. Ishii no selling Zabre’s kicks and head butting him was a site to see. Sabre got Ishii in submissions out of nowhere and that was really fun. Ishii won when he hit Zack with a top rope suplex. Huge pop, I don’t think the crowd expected a title change and loved Ishii winning it after a fantastic match. Zack Sabre Jr. has had a great six weeks in terms of match quality.


Overall, the show was great, all six matches were good in their own way. And the show had great pacing with never feeling bored and everything got over! Including intermission the show went 2hrs and 45 minutes. Every show needs to be a marathon show.

RevPro also announced they would be back in New York for next Wrestlemania.



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