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Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground Results and Review

Impact vs Lucha Underground sold out last night at The Sugar Mill for their Wrestlemania weekend show.


1. Jack Evans, Matanza Cueto & Chavo Guerrero Jr def. Moose, Caleb Conley, & Matt Sydal

This was a hot opener, the crowd went nuts for all the dives. Matanza suplexing the smaller men in the match got over huge.

2. Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Allie def. Taya Valkyrie 

This was a decent match, Taya was really over with the crowd and that carried this match. Other than that not much to it.

3. Teddy Hart & Scott Steiner def. OVE

OVE got the heat on Teddy and the crowd was dying to see Scott Steiner make the hot tag. Steiner finally did and the crowd went nuts. Steiner did most of his offense except it looked like it was in slow motion. It was short and the crowd got to see Scott Steiner do Scott Steiner things.

4. Drago, King Cuerno, AeroStar def. DJZ, Andrew Everett, & Dezmond Xavier

This match was good. All the action you would expect from a Lucha Libre six-man tag. Impressive dives from Everett, Xavier, AeroStar and Drago. The only disappointment was King Cuerno not doing his impressive suicide dive.

5. Trevor Lee def. Marty the Moth

Not much of a match. Match was slow and worked like a 7 minute TV match. Originally, it was supposed to be Famous B in this match but he instead had Marty as a substitute.

6. Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: LAX def. Killshot & The Mack

Awesome match, tore the house down. So many great combination moves and kick outs by both teams. There was one minor mistake that got both teams confused for a minute or two was really the only negative in an absolute fantastic match.

7.Brian Cage def. Eli Drake

Drake got heat by making fun of Lucha Underground tapings schedule or lack thereof. Good match, hurt a bit by following the last match and by Drake not being known for being good in the ring. The crowd eventually got into to it by the end.

8. I Quit Match: Jeremiah Crane def. Eddie Edwards via Forfeit

The match went too long and it was not very good. There was a lot of outside brawling that most of the crowd couldn’t see. They focused on chairs as a weapon of choice. Lots of stalling and it just seemed like it went on forever and the crowd cared less and less as it went on. Finally, Crane set up the chair on Edwards neck and grabbed the bat to play off of the original spot. Impact executive Don Callis came out and threw in the towel to stop the match. Crane did not care, the angle was hurt by this match.

9. Pentagon Dark def. Austin Aries and Fenix

Originally, it was supposed to be a tag match with Alberto Del Rio but it was changed with no announcement of Del Rio’s whereabouts. The crowd did chant “Del Rio Sucks.” The match turned out a lot better because of it. Pentagon and Fenix have great chemistry together and Aries is talented enough to mesh. All three guys where able to showcase their skills and it led to a great match.


Overall, this was an average to decent show. There were several matches that were either bad or did not connect with the audience but the tag-team title match is worth going out of your way to see. The main event and both six-man tags were good as well.

Also announced for the April 22nd Redemption PPV was a Pentagon vs Fenix match which should be amazing.



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