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WWE Axxess 2018: The 5 BEST Attractions

As we know Wrestlemania weekend is filled with tons of fun activities fans can be apart of from the Hall of Fame to WWE Axxess. And of course one of the most interactive, worthy experiences is at Axxess. Axxess is a like a WWE Convention, where you can meet wrestlers, participate in cool activities and take really fun pictures at the many different set-ups. Each year, WWE does something different for Axxess. Here were my personal favorite attractions from the event.

Piper’s Pit Booth 

1. 2k18 Virtual Reality Booth 

This was by far the most unique, entertaining and exhilarating booth they had this year. Basically, you go and sit on a chair, they place VR headsets on you and you pretty much enter the video game. The cool part about this is that, you actually feel like you are in a REAL LIFE WRESTLING MATCH. It was hard not to want to reach out and touch the wrestlers since it felt that level real.

2. Superstar Entrance 

I personally did not try this, because believe it or not I am way too shy for it! But it is so much fun to watch other fans go out there and reenact the entrances to their favorite WWE Superstars. We probably stood their for over twenty minutes just watching the different entrances. They’ve had Superstar entrances in the past at Axxess but I feel this year the stage was much larger and showcased the attraction a lot more.

3. The Undertaker Photo Op

Nothing is better than getting cool shots at Axxess to make all your friends jealous on social media. The Undertaker Photo Op let fans go into a casket, and if you wanted to take the picture with someone else, they would hold a shovel insinuating that they were the ones that murdered you.

Undertaker Photo Op Booth 


4. The ECW Entrance

This was super cool simply because you got to hold a trashcan! After all the years of watching wrestlers use that silver trashcan, at Axxess you finally got the opportunity in this booth and it was AWESOME!


5. Foam Pit Wrestling Ring 

This was is fun for the little ones. It gives kids the opportunity to get into the ring, bust some moves and not get hurt.



Did you attend WWE Axxess what was your favorite booth?

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