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Camila Cabello’s Never Be The Same Tour Review!

Camila Cabello has officially embarked on her first ever solo tour. Her Never Be The Same Tour  kicked off on April 9th and since then she has been performing sold-out shows in Canada and the U.S.

And just this weekend Camila held two shows at the Hollywood Palladium.

I was able to attend the Sunday (April 15) show, and let me start off by saying it was a beautiful, electric and entertaining show!


The Venue and The Fans 

The second I pulled up to the venue, the lines were around the building. Camilizers had already been in line for a while since the Palladium is general admission. I would say most of her fans were female, and very young. From middle school girls to young adults.

And one of the major things I noticed was that her merchandise was selling like hot cakes! The Palladium has a small merch stand inside the building, and throughout the entire show, the line was extremely long. And everywhere I looked people had on her t-shirt.

I say this because I recently went to the Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato concerts and I didn’t see as many people wearing their merch as I did for Camila.

The Palladium is a lot smaller than other venues but fits a lot of people. So the awesome part about this is that no matter where you stand you will get a good view of the artist. I stood towards the back and I was able to see Camila on stage perfectly.


The Concert 

First off, if you weren’t a big Camila Cabello fan and attended her concert for some other reason, I can 100% guarantee everyone came out a bigger fan.

You could tell all the hard work and creativity that Camila and her team put on for this show.  The dance moves were sick, the fashion was on point and my absolute favorite part of the show were the videos she played in-between and during songs. They showed a very sultry, sexy and confident Camila.

The first song she sang was Never Be The Same, and because this is my favorite song of her album I was totally ready to hear this song first. It was a good way to open up the show.

She went on to sing all her songs on her album including She Loves Control, Real Friends, All These Years, Consequences, In the Dark, Something’s Gotta Give and Inside Out.

She did some fun things during all her songs some of which included bringing her sister and fans on stage during Real Friends. She had the building turn off all the lights for In The Dark, this was very intimate. And for Something’s Gotta Give she played a very deep, emotional video surrounding political and society issues such as gun violence, racial discrimination and sexual identities.

And then towards the end of the show she brought out Pharrell and they sang a new song called “Sangria Wine.” A very fun, groovy song. It’s hard not to dance along to this one!

She also sang “Scar Tissue,” a song she wrote with Charlie Puth.

She closed out her show with Havana of course. Her biggest hit!


Throughout the show you could see how much Camila cares about her work and her fans. Her on-stage presence is so much fun, it’s a very girl-next-door type of vibe, she’s quirky and very likable.

Another cool thing I noticed during her shows is that she can do it all, from emotional performances to haunting melodies to groovy songs like Havana.

If you’re attending her show, you will get a mixture of everything.

My personal favorite part was when Camila tripped. Only because she’s this big pop-star that has all these fans but she still trips during her own show. I loved that because it was relatable and I think her fans can connect to that. She also talked a lot to the fans which is something that I think all artists should do, again to connect more with their fans.

So basically what I am trying to say is, if you’re going to the Never Be The Same Tour, YOU WILL LOVE IT! And if you’re thinking about it, I say do it! It will be a fun night out, with good music and good vibes.


For the rest of Camila’s Tour Dates CLICK HERE!


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