IFC’s Mary Shelley | The Love Affair That Inspired Frankenstein ( REVIEW)

Looking back on this film, Mary Shelley is a story outlining one woman’s destiny. Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (Elle Fanning) was destined to write Frankenstein. At a time when horror was not deemed appropriate especially for a young woman to read nevertheless write about, and all the events in her life that led her to write this novel.

Mary Shelley, is a beautiful film about a young girl Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, who falls in love at sixteen-years old with a poet, Percy Shelley ( Douglas Booth). She is automatically taken by his sweet words, and he also quickly falls for her. They begin a secret love affair, however after a short period of time Mary discovers that Percy is actually married with a child. However, Mary’s unsatisfying home life leads her back into Percy’s arm. They then come out public as a couple and their scandalous life begins.

They move in together along with Mary’s half-sister Claire Claremont (Bel Powley) and what starts off as a romantic escape quickly leads to a destructive path.

Mary realizes that Percy is not the man she thought he was, instead a man who is open to giving his love to other women. He even begins a very close relationship with Mary’s  half-sister. Mary becomes pregnant with his child, and things get even worse. To the point where Mary and Percy drift apart.

However, it is through this pain and suffering that Mary, the lover of ghost stories creates the most epic, classic story of a monster named Frankenstein.

By 18 years old, Mary pens Frankenstein, but the book has to be submitted anonymously because of her gender. And because of her story, Percy is able to see things that he didn’t see before.

The thing I loved most about this film was Elle’s portrayal of Mary Shelley. Her poised, quiet yet outspoken manner is very captivating. The viewer sees her struggle, her pain, her loneliness and you wonder just how much longer she can actually bare it all.

At last, if you’re looking for anything romantic, dramatic and refreshing, I highly recommend Mary Shelley.

RATING: **** 

The film will be released May 25th in Los Angeles and New York and will be made available on-demand June 1st.

For more on the film check out the offical website.


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