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WWE RAW|Superstar Shakeup RESULTS

WWE held their Superstar Shakeup tonight on Monday Night Raw, these are the Superstars going from Smackdown to Raw. The Miz was the only Raw Superstar announced to go to Smackdown.

1. Jinder Mahal


Jinder left Raw as a jobber and came back to job to Jeff Hardy. I don’t see Jinder having the same success as he had on Smackdown. Considering the heel side is Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and even Elias all ahead of him. Even part-time Kane would be ahead of him. With the return of Dean Ambrose happening soon I can see a heel turn for him upon return furthering sending Jinder down the card.

2. Riott Squad


I guess people can change brands as a unit. It’s smart to keep them together rather than apart. I just don’t see this being good news for Absolution. With Nia Jax as champion of the brand I can see a 3-on-1 situation with her feuding with the Riott Squad.

3. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


Michael Cole made a good point that they’re unemployed so how can they switch brands. WWE tried explaining this with a letter written by Stephanie, basically saying they’ve signed to Raw. Other than this being a lame conclusion to a six month storyline Kevin and Sami on Raw opens them up to feud with someone other than Shane. I hope they keep them together.

4. Miz to Smackdown


During the same segment Kurt Angle informed the Miz that Daniel Bryan had requested for Miz to be sent to Smackdown minus the Miztourage. So if the GMs like you, you get drafted in units, if they dislike you you get drafted as an individual. The Miz vs Daniel Bryan feud will be great so this is a good move for him.

5. Breezango


They’ll have new people to do the Fashion Files with.

6. Natalya


She was probably brought over as Ronda’s next opponent since she’s someone that can make Ronda look like a million bucks and further develop her.

7. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

I was gonna say Dolph was gonna be in the same spot as always but maybe this pairing with Drew McIntyre will finally give Dolph’s career new life. This version of Drew McIntyre will be a star.

8. Baron Corbin


He’s big and they like him. I’m sure he’s being set up for Roman Reigns and those matches are gonna be bad. Another guy who’s ceiling was better on Smackdown

9. Mojo Rawley


This was announced on social media so that should tell you what kind of future Mojo has on Raw.

10. Bobby Roode


Another guy who’s ceiling might have been higher on Smackdown. I see him taking either Finn Balor’s spot as guy that is solid but doesn’t get much of a push past IC title or US title picture.

11. Mike Kanellis


Also announced on social media. Doesn’t look good for him with or without Maria. He would’ve been better off on Smackdown.



Smackdown usually gets annihilated in these Superstar Shakeups but they were able to keep Styles, Nakamura, The Usos, and Bryan. They did mention that tomorrow throughout the day there will be more moves from the Raw brand. I just can’t see any big names changing brands via Twitter. Expect the Mojo Rawley types to switch throughout the day.

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