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Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Netflix’s “Love”, Here’s What We’ll Miss the Most

While not as popular as Stranger Things, House of Cards (but let’s not open that one), or Orange is the New Black, Netflix original Love is a strong series that, if it isn’t already, should move to the top of your must-watch list. With Judd Apatow (Trainwreck, 40-Year-Old Virgin & Knocked-Up) as the executive producer, this show had a lot going for it from the start, but after just three (seemingly too short) seasons we’re sad to see it go so soon.

What We’ll Miss the Most…

(WARNING: Small Spoilers Ahead)

Randy’s Antics

At the beginning of Love, Randy (Mike Mitchell) was a minor character with little screen time. This quickly changed after Mitchell stole the small scenes that he was in through the charm of his endearing, slightly aloof character. Whether it’s chasing coyotes during a ‘shrooms trip (S2:E4), ruffling Mickey’s feathers during a mall outing through his pursuit of a filing cabinet for his apartment (S2:E6), or severely over-exaggerating his cousin’s “Palm Springs beach house” (S3:E1), we can’t help but feel a mix of pity and compassion for him. Plus, am I the only one that was completely unsurprised when he turned out to be living in his car?

Bertie’s Development

Bertie is played by Claudia O’Doherty, who recently made her pitch to play Samantha in Sex in the City 3. As Mickey’s new roommate, Bertie is introduced as a sweet, slight pushover that just wants to please everyone around her. As the show progresses, Bertie soon develops a voice for herself and has no problem calling it how she sees it. An endearing character from the start, we were beyond happy when given a chance to delve deeper into Bertie’s character (S3:E5). Whether it was Bertie’s birthday surprise with Dustin, or her (finally) breaking up with Randy (S3:E12) I for one am glad that she started realizing her worth.

Gus and Mickey’s Relationship

Of course an aspect that we will miss the most is the relationship between the show’s two main protagonists: Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust). While Gus may be a bit too awkward, and Mickey a bit too cold, the two gradually develop a connection that is deeper than either of them thought possible during the course of the show. Though I won’t give away how it ends, the rollercoaster ride (one particularly entertaining ‘low’ is S2:E7) that viewers endure during the span of the show is more than enough to keep the hopeless romantic in all of us ‘continue watching’. We seem the two grow both as individuals and as a couple during all three seasons and although all good love stories need an ending (whether good or bad), a few more seasons of this story would not have been a bad thing.

Whereas shows like The Walking Dead and Scandal seem to be suffering a decline in storyline quality, it seemed like Love was just hitting its stride. While we’re sad to see it go, we’re looking forward to what’s next for all of the talented actors involved.


Missing Love too? Want to get some other great Netflix recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!!

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