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Ariana Grande Releases New Song & Music Video for “No Tears Left To Cry”

Two days ago, Ariana Grande took to Instagram to share the new title of her upcoming single No Tears Left To Cry with her 118 million followers and that it would be out Friday, April 20th.

She then began sharing beautiful artwork for her new era, and fans were immediately blown away but the artistic beauty of it.


Then finally on April 20th, she released No Tears Left To Cry and a music video along with it.

The song is the lead single to her upcoming studio album, the name in which Ariana has yet released. All we know is that it’s her fourth album and it is the most recent music she’s released since 2017 Manchester bombing attack that occurred during her Dangerous Woman Tour.  So it’s safe to speculate that this upcoming album will have a lot of references or tributes surrounding the unfortunate event.

In No Tears Left To Cry , Ariana sings about being in a new state of mind, where she is lifting her self up and loving her life. she says she has no tears left to cry which can only mean that the worst has happened and now she is trying to get back out there and live her life. (full lyrics here)

" We're way too fly to partake in all this hate
We out here vibin', we vibin', we vibin'"



No Tears Left To Cry is currently number one on the iTunes Top Songs chart, and the music video has currently been watched over 9.9+ million times on Youtube.


The music video was directed by Dave Myers and shows Ariana in different settings, and the video plays a lot with the upside down theme we have been seeing Ariana promote on her social platforms. And towards the end of video, there is a clip where Ariana pays tribute to the victims from the Manchester bombing.


Watch the complete music video here:


Song Available Here: Connect with Ariana Grande:


Arianators let us know your thoughts on the song and the music video in the comments below. Did you love it? Was it was you were expecting? Are you excited for this new era? 

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