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Impact|4.19 Results and Review

Impact started again with the video package from the events of Wrestlecon that led to the firing of Alberto El Patron leading to the new main event of Redemption.

1. Braxton Sutter and Su Yung defeated Falla Bahh and Kiera Hogan

Inter gender match so the men and women can face each other. Falla Bahh is limited in what he can do but he’s over with the crowd so any match he’s in gets over. The action was a lot better when Su Yung and Kiera Hogan were in. Kiera is a little green but she’s super athletic and will be good in time. Su Yung hit a spinning Michinoku Driver for the win. I think I’d rather see Su Yung vs Kiera Hogan at Redemption.

Post match Allie attacks Su Yung from behind they get into a brawl until the refs and Braxton Sutter break them up.

LAX is in their clubhouse discussing Scott Steiner not having a soul and how they can defeat him. Konnan explains to Santana and Ortiz that Steiner is a wildcard and that who knows what Steiner will do or if Eli Drake can even trust him.

McKenzie interviews Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy asks McKenzie how it feels to be pretty? How it feels to be handed things based on the way you look? He then says to ask Kongo Kong the same question. He says Johnny Impact is the same as McKenzie and that Kongo Kong will bring him back to reality and burst his bubble.

Recap of the OVE/Eddie Edwards feud

2. Brian Cage defeats KM

KM is out for his innovative open challenge he wants to call guys out like DRAY 3000, Brooklyn Brawler, Duane Gill. Brian Cage answered the challenge. KM’s face sold Cage coming out so great. KM mumbling trying to get out of this match telling Cage to go back to Gold’s Gym. Brian Cage squashed him tossing him around like a rag doll. Brian Cage wins with an F5. KM is such a dislikable heel. Wrestling needs heels like KM.

3. Johnny Impact defeated Kongo Kong by DQ

I know Kongo Kong is suppose to be a monster and his face paint looks great but he needs to cover up. He has a weird body and really skinny legs so he looks funny and low rent. Johnny spent most of the match trying to knock Kong off of his feet and Kong spent most of the time moving in slow motion doing your basic big man moves and awkward looking cannon balls. This wasn’t very good Kong isn’t good and Johnny did his best he could. I’d rather see Johnny face Jimmy Jacobs. Kong shoves the ref for the lame DQ finish. Kong and Jacobs set up the steel steps on the apron and Kong slams Johnny’s face into the steps. Johnny’s nose got busted open. I guess we’ll get a rematch at Redemption. Poor Johnny having to wrestle Kong again.

Matt Sydal vs Petey Williams hype video

This match should be good at Redemption. Cool fact they revealed was that Matt Sydal was the first guy Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer on.

Eli Drake Promo

Usual good Eli Primo saying he’s double feasting with 2 briefcases a tag title shot and World Title shot. Steiner joined Drake and mumbled through the whole promo. The only thing that was understandable was Steiner calling Konnan bitch.

4. From Wrestlecon: Pentagon Jr defeated Fenix & Austin Aries

This match was good but I think these 3 will have an even bette r match at Redemption. This was good introduction to Pentagon Jr and Fenix. They showed some of their arsenal but not all of it. Pentagon pinned Fenix.

Not the best go home show for Impact. Not much wrestling on this show and some of the wrestling on this show was bad especially with Kongo Kong. Redemption should be a great show cause even the matches that don’t look good on paper won’t be that bad.

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