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MLW Fusion 4.20 Results and Review

Major League Wrestling held their first show on BeIn Sports, the show featured two very good matches and it flowed smoothly from top to bottom. A good start, to this new chapter in MLW.

Tony Schiavone welcomed everyone to the show. It was great hearing Tony again especially since this was his first time back as an announcer since the closing days of WCW.

1. Austin Aries defeated ACH

This was a great long match, they went back and forth with one another. All of their high spots were a hit and the crowd loved it.  There were several near falls done by both men until Austin Aries hit the brain buster for the win. A great way to start the show.

Jimmy Havoc Promo

Jimmy Havoc talks about fans in Florida paying to see Abdullah The Butcher brutalize Dusty Rhodes and paying to see Steve Corino wear a crimson mask. He promises to bring violence to MLW.  This was a good and effective promo. Apparently he’s facing MLW Champion Shane Strickland next week. It would’ve been nice if he or the announcers mentioned that.

2. Barrington Hughes defeated Chico Adams

This match was over in less than 10 seconds. Hughes hit a uranagi and pinned Chico. Hughes is huge and looks unhealthy. From his gimmick to his look he just screams low rent and makes MLW look the same way. Hopefully they don’t feature him on future broadcasts.

3. Pentagon Jr defeated Fenix

These two put on a great match as usual. It was fast paced, both guys did hard chop exchanges and crazy dives. Pentagon Jr. worked as a heel but the crowd loved him and they were into this match which made the atmosphere great. Pentagon won with a half nelson driver. He earned a future shot at the MLW Championship. Post-match both guys got a standing ovation.

Overall, this was a great first show for MLW it had two great long matches and the production was great. Tony Schiavone didn’t miss a beat and added a lot to the program. A couple of negatives were the dimming of the lights, it isn’t a good look they should show fans at home the unique venue they tape from to set them apart as an alternative to WWE. Barrington Hughes makes them look minor league. Those few minutes wasted on him could’ve been used on a promo by MLW Champion Shane Strickland who didn’t appear on this show.

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