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What We Know About Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour {LIVE UPDATES}

*Please Note This Article Will Be Updated as more facts are released by Taylor 
herself.  Last Updated (4/26/18) 6:01 PM PST

In T-Minus 13 days, Taylor Swift will be embarking on her Reputation Stadium Tour which means that Swifties all over the world will be losing their minds and their voices. Nothing is better than Taylor being on tour, we get to see the new era unfold before our very eyes, we see the costumes from both Taylor and her fans, and we get so much other cool stuff. From special guests to different version of songs and so much more.

And Taylor knows she has all of us Swifties on the edge of our seats right now, so she took to her Instagram story (which she has been pushing a lot more lately) to let us know that in each day leading up to the tour she will be releasing a fact. So each day that she does we will go ahead and update you here.

Fact #1- Posted on April 25, 2018 \\ She will be performing 10 of her older songs on the tour. 

So I guess the old Taylor is not totally dead. And thank god because I need me some old T-Swift songs. Which ten she will be doing, who knows? Either way we cannot wait! Thank you Taylor!


Fact #2- Posted on April 26, 2018 \\ There will be 3 stages. 

I am not sure I consider this one a special fact, many because mostly everyone who looked at the seating chart while purchasing tickets saw that there were three stages. However, I did love that Taylor added that she wanted to be closer to all of us. AWWWW!


Fact #3- Posted on April 27, 2018 \\ There will be a REP ROOM where Taylor will be meeting fans after her show. 

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