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The Handmaid’s Tale|Season 2. Episode 2 Review “Unwomen”

The episode opens up with June laying down in back of a moving truck, at the end of the first episode we know that she has officially escaped and now she’s going from place to place.

We also find out what happened to Emily aka OfGlen (Alexis Bledel) and where’s she been. From the looks of it she has been working as a slave along with many other women. And just like June we’re now getting flashbacks for Emily’s past. We learn that she was a biology professor and we see how it was that she got separated from her wife and child. This is awesome because we are seeing her back story, she was a very interesting character during the first season and now we get to learn more about her.

On the other end, everyone is looking for June considering she is a pregnant handmaid, so she is in hiding in a slaughterhouse ( The Boston Globe). However, June is on edge and doesn’t want to stay there. Nick (The Eye and her baby daddy) is trying to help her but they are not on the same page. Eventually they get on the same page and there is very hot sex scene between the two. A rough, desperate-for-each-other type of sex scene. ( It’s a lil’ graphic!) Go June!

Overall this episode is totally different from the first, it is less gory and moved a little slower. The main difference between season one and this second season as of right now is that first we saw  what new life Offred (June) was living  as a handmaid and now in season two she’s on the path to trying to escape that life. Will she survive and make it someplace safe or will she be caught?

Send us your thoughts on this second season in the comments below! 

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