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Riverdale| Chapter 32 “Prisoners” – The Truth About Betty’s Brother Is Revealed

After the super intense ending for their musical episode, the town is on edge trying to figure out the culprit of a young girl’s death. This leads to a bunch of other separate stories. Veronica has to find a way to save a kidnapped Archie and Betty is facing the ultimate family crisis.

Veronica: On A Mission To Save ArchieĀ 

Archie takes the lead in trying to hunt down the murderer but in doing so discovers that there are more black hoods.

Archie gets a beat down.

Veronica is dealing with her own issues as Nick Sinclair comes back into her life. He is then revealed as the guy behind the group that jumped Archie. And he is now tied down, putting Veronica in a difficult spot. And when she reaches out to her parents for help, they say they cannot help because it would make them look weak in front of Nick’s parents whom are also within the same business as the Lodges.

Archie manages to escape on his own, meanwhile Veronica and Nick are having “alone time” in hopes of Veronica saving Archie. Archis rushes back to Veronica. However, Veronica drugged him to sleep and tied him to a chair. She then reached out to his parents. And ended up getting one million dollars from them. Veronica realizes her parents did nothing to try to help Archie. But Archie decided his biggest goal was to catch the black hood.

Betty Discovers The Truth About Her Brother

Betty and Jughead figure out that Chick is not her real brother and is some sort of con-artist that leads to a kitchen knife fight between Jughead and Betty against Chick. Is it the discovered that Chick was impersonating Charles. Charles who is really Betty’s blood, is dead after he over-dosed. Chick said the reason he OD’d was because he tried to reach out to his real family but was turned away by his own mother, Alice.

Betty then does her own research and comes to the conclusion that Chick might have killed her real brother Charles.

After much debate in deciding what to do with Archie, Betty snuck out with Chick and trailed him to the cemetery with a gun. Then they encounter the black hood, Betty turns Chick in.

Overall as a follow-up episode to last weeks stunner, this episode felt a little disconnected to the last. Although, stories are being pushed and mysteries are being answered it was not a bad episode.

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