13 Questions with Sebastien Large, Star of the Hit Series, “Sangre Negra.”

Sebastien Large is known for his work in Ghost Goggles (2016), Funny Man (2016) and most recently Sangre Negra (2017).  The drama surrounding the Santos Family returns for its second of the first season later in October. But before then, we got the chance to get to know Sebastian in a little more.

Sebastien Large ©Tony Donaldson/, all rights reserved.
Photo by Tony Donaldson.


  1. Tell us about your background.

I was born and raised in France. I grew up in the French Riviera.

  1. What led you to your career in acting?

When I was a teenager I joined a theater group. I studied and had opportunities to performed in several plays in my hometown. After a while, I decided that comedy was missing so I got into stand-up comedy. Once a week I would be a part of the line-up that would do Improv in front of a live audience. It helped me to break out “Me,” being shy. I was accepted into a drama school program. I knew acting would become a part of me even if it didn’t happen right away. Years down the road acting would become my career and number one passion.

  1. Tell us about your modeling and commercial work.

I did modeling across the globe for over a decade. I graced magazine covers worldwide and I was featured in many fashion magazines. I did runway and walked for well-known fashion designers. I was featured in several ad campaigns as well as commercials. Los Angeles has become the headquarters for commercials. When the film industry is slow, commercials are blooming at a fast speed! However, acting is my first love and will always be.

  1. How did you land the role on the hit TV series, “Sangre Negra?”

The Director of “Sangre Negra” Frank Pinnock was producing a feature film that I was the lead on. We wrapped up in the film and he told me he was working on a project and felt there was a character he could see me playing. He invited me to do a read for that role, then I had a callback and met the writer, producer and lead actor Antonio McKay. A few weeks later I got a call from production telling me that I got the part!


  1. Tell us about your character.

I play Alfonso Demetri an Italian hitman. Alfonso Demetri is the son of Luca Demetri who was Vinnie Sabatini’s body guard. When Luca and his wife Alfonso’s mother are killed in a hit meant for Vinnie by a rival family, Alfonso dedicates his life to avenging their deaths.

In the process, he has taken over the bodyguard duties of his father and at that time has become a cold calculating killer.

  1. What do you like the most about your character?

I like the fact that he is loyal and dedicated. He never misses and always gets the job done with no questions asked! Think about Furio from the Sopranos

  1. How do you prepare for your role?

It all depends what characters I am playing. I do my best to prepare long hard enough as well as meticulously, but what I do is study every aspect of the character such as trying to mimic every gesture, learn the dialect, language, and do research if necessary. I applaud and have respect for Actors that are going to the extreme in order to play the character perfectly for the audience to love. However, going into drastic situations such as putting your health in danger, … I don’t go that far what is the most challenging thing about being an actor?

  1. What are the challenges of being an Actor?

The most challenging about being an actor is to make a living out of it. Many Actors can call themselves working Actors. It is a challenge for an actor to be acting full-time. This is the reason most actors until they reach that level have a side job.  I hear every day, “I am an actor and then I say are you also a server, bartender, cocktail waitress, a limo driver” It is the reality of being an actor. If you’re union (SAG/AFTRA) you’re competing with 100,000 of Actors maybe more for limited spots. Some people want to be Actors because they think it’s an easy job, fun to do, be on set, traveling around the world, and red carpets, but the biggest challenge is to keep a level head.

  1. What roles would you like to play?

I would like to play roles that show more depth. To portray someone who is totally the opposite of who I am but at the same time be a hero. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want to be a superhero? In other words, if I get to be versatile and become a schizophrenia as an actor and be able to deliver it to the big screen, then It’ll be a dream come true.

  1. What are your hobbies?

Fitness, weightlifting, kickboxing, hiking, photography, writing, beach volleyball,…

  1. What new projects are you working on?

I am still filming Sangre Negra as Alfonso Demetri it is a recurring role throughout the entire season.

I shot a short film but could also be an extended trailer since a feature film could be in the works, “Jake Carter Unfinished Business” written by Masha and Stan Solo and directed by Masha Solo, produced by The Next Curve Productions. I play Frank Reseda. The movie is currently in post-production. Frank seems to be a bad guy at first, but deep inside, he is just a sensitive man who doesn`t know how to lose.  His pride was hurt when Jake and his family could outsmart him and as a result, he went to jail. All those years in jail he was focusing on revenge. Frank is a strong, smart and very well-trained man. He`s in a great physical shape and doing “dangerous business” is the only thing he knows how to do well. Jake and Frank could actually make a great team if they could leave the past behind, but that would be hard for Frank. Frank sees Jake Carter as an enemy and competition rather than friend and partner. Life is unpredictable, there`s only one-step from love to hate and vice-versa. We will see in the extended version of the film how things are going to go between the two characters.

I am also guest starring in few episodes of the new web series, “The Agency “ written by Russell Duncan & Chandler Maness, directed by Russell Duncan and produced by BOOMaRANGEntertainment . I will be playing Maliki Napoli a Hitman. My character doesn’t take NO for an answer.

  1. Who would you like to most be interested in working with?

Those who inspire me, and respect me. If you ask me it would be hard to say one name, Outstanding Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio who would be the most interesting to work with but I would also I would like to work with Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Clint Eastwood, and George Clooney. Yes, all of these actors are unique and to follow in their footsteps will be a dream come true.

  1. Who is your favorite filmmaker?

I actually have more than one but since you ask me my favorite, I would have to say the one who has cast Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead actor in many of his movies, Academy Award Winner Mr. Martin Scorsese. He is a truly talented and respectable Filmmaker that many actors will be honored to work with him.


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