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The Handmaid’s Tale |Season 2. Ep. 3 Review “Baggage”

The Handmaid’s Tale’s second season continues on Hulu. The season is only in its third episode and already so much has happened and we have learned a lot more of this crazy world that the writers have built.

The first episode was nothing short of epic, with gruesome scenes and cringing moments. Then the second episode slowed down a little a bit. There weren’t any gory moments, and it told a back story more than anything else. Now with this third episode, “Baggage” THT is picking up speed.

June finally leaves The Boston Globe where was being hidden for two months. Just as she was making the facility her new secret home, she had to go back on the run. She ends up in another portion of Gilead living with a husband, his wife and child. However, after the family doesn’t return, June escapes by dressing like the members of the community and leaving on a train. From there she wonders into the woods like she did in the first episode of season one. The one where she is separated from her husband and child.


She makes her way to the airport, where she is to escape. She find the man who is supposed to fly her out of there. She gets into the jet, in the baggage  section but just as it takes off it is shot down.

And just like that June is taken.

And we don’t know what they are going to do to her. But we do know is that she’s not escaping anytime soon.

The last few moments when the plane began getting shot down were super intense. The fear of being taken back into this ugly world was surely there. We know they can’t kill June just yet as she is still pregnant, but will they kill her for trying to escape with a child after she gives birth? Will that be June’s new timetable? Will she go back to being a handmaid’s? I doubt they will forgive her or let her off that easy. I guess we will find out on episode four!

What do you think will happen to June? Let us know in the comments below! 

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