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Rihanna Gives Us The Best Youtuber Vibes In This 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Vogue partnered with Fenty Beauty’s CEO Rihanna for a cool makeup spot promoting her latest releases.  In the 10 minute tutorial we get a full candid of RiRi getting into herself as all makeup vloggers do.  She went to express that she always felt like less was more and when she realized makeup was a major aspect to her industry, she learned her own techniques early on.  Her hands-off me only feature her brows! We feel you Rihanna.

Since its global release, the products have pushed the beauty culture forward, bragging skin color inclusivity in a 40 shade palette release.  It has called to questions  bigger and more known brands like E.L.F., Mac Cosmetics, and fellow Celeb brands like Kim Kardashian West.  With that being said a lot of makeup brands have been on this scene for years now.  It is important in this changing transparent culture with social media becoming a make or break deal when it comes to consumers, that companies listen to the feedback.

Check out the video here for yourself.

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