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Famous In Love | “Guess Who’s (Not) Coming To Sundance? ” Review

Famous in Love, “Guess Who’s (Not) Coming To Sundance? episode was full of people making bad decisions.


And this episode was directed by none other than Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars.)

Jake Ignoring Paige’s Effort To Make Their Relationship Work 


The first bad decision was made by Jake. Jake has been a TERRIBLE boyfriend. The worst. He straight out does not care about Paige and he’s only kidding himself at this point. He headed off to Utah for “Sundance” although not really, and the Paige came to surprise him he totally dissed her. His bad decision was ignoring her effort and running off to other events with Billy. And then not even telling Paige that he was going to share a room with Billy. This led to Paige returning home in less than a day from Utah.

Rainer Going Back To Old Habits 

Rainer seemed liked he was changing, he was getting cleaned up and focusing on trending ocean BUT all the negatives have resurfaced in his life and now he has turned back to drinking alcohol. By the end of the episode he is a complete wreck, drinking in his apartment.

Tangey Turner’s New Music Is A Direct Diss To Alexis Her Former BFF 

Famous in Love Episode 7 Season 2

Tangey has been trying to move forward with her life, and even as she’s trying to revive her music career, it’s still not what she wants. She releases her first single off her new album but notices that fans are right away bashing and trashing Alexis. And it seems Tangey still has a soft spot for her because she shuts down the hate immediately. But did she dig this whole herself by writing about their drama?

Jordan Wilder Might Be Going To Jail 

Jordan Wilder exposed his deepest darkest secret on national television. And now things have gotten increasingly worst and he. might be going to jail for the murder of his mom’s ex-boyfriend. And it doesn’t look like being rich and famous will help him.

Paige Cheats On Jake 

We know that Jake is no good. We know Paige has tried to reconnect with him. However, there are plenty of other options out their for this rising Hollywood star, and at the end of the episode we see Paige kissing a guy she used to know and going up to his room. Does Jake ignoring Paige justify her cheating on him?

A lot is happening on Famous in Love and there will soon be repercussions but who will pay?

Send us your thoughts not the show in the comments below! 

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