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Riverdale |”Judgment Night” Review

Woah! Hold on, sit tight! A lot happened on the most recent episode of Riverdale. It is chapter thirty-four “Judgment Night.”


We Discover The Man Underneath The Black Hood 

First off our suspicions are finally confirmed that it is indeed Betty’s dad who was underneath the black hood. He too claimed to have the darkness that is inside of Betty and he shared his reasons as to why. Basically finishing off what his father and grandfather did before him, things he learned as a child. He resumed the role of the black hood to get rid of sinners and make them pay for their sins. He tries to attack Betty and her mom but they fight him off and he is turned into the police. But he might not be alone, because according to Archie, he also saw the black hood when he was with his dad. So, how many are there?


The Ghoulies Seriously Hurt Jughead, Is Jughead Going To Survive? 

After the Ghoulies (hired by Hiram Lodge) arrive to take on the Serpents, they implement an all out war. But instead of going to war with them, Jughead gives himself to them and then they all beat on him.

Prior to his beat down he called Betty to tell her that he loved her. Betty sensed that something wasn’t right and contacted FP. At the end of this episode, we see FP walking out with a bloody sort of lifeless Jughead. Betty is in disbelief and FP is in shock. He’s almost telling Betty something through his eyes. We do not know if he is dead.


Is Jughead Dead? 

We’ve seen many times in TV shows and movies where we think someone has died but then they don’t. Something miraculous usually happens, but we’re not so sure this time. Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead, sent out a tweet that can mean things are over.

Um, why would he be thanking them? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Two things: He could really be leaving Riverdale, that could have been his final scene and that’s why he’s thanking the Riverdale community OR he could be playing mind games with us. Here’s why we think he might just be playing with us. First off, no one ever said Jughead was dead. We’re going to have to wait to find out. Secondly, if he was did, I don’t think he would be allowed to post spoilers on his Twitter account. If they had said he was dead than this tweet would have served a purpose. And lastly, would Riverdale really kill off one of their main characters and one of the most popular? That seems a little uncalled for.

If Jughead dies, we RIOT!


Well, for now we’ll have to wait in agony.



Riverdale fans, do you think that Jughead will die or is already dead? Let us know in the comments below! 

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