ICON VISIONARY is a movement orchestrated by Singer and Writer, Pepys Muller HOUNGUE. The ICON VISIONARY Founder has one powerful message: HAVE AN IMPACT, BE AN ICON for everything you do in life. Pepys’s mission is a “Call to Action” for our generation: Impact the people and life around us.

Pepys Muller HOUNGE hails from Benin Republic. He holds a master degree in Biotechnology. In 2016 his love for music and his mission to spread the word about his brand, ICON VISIONARY led him to travel abroad.

Pepys is known to many as the “Happiness Maker.” His teach by example has led him to much success. I love the idea to achieve what nobody has done before and impact the people around us.” “IT’S THE REAL TARGET in the life.”

 Pepy’s first love has been music. His music is a blend of Afrobeat, Afro-pop Urban and RNB. “My music is my best way to share my emotion and how I feel always. Music is my first love. I have created everything by my music. All my motivation and vision came from it.” I love AFROBEAT because it’s my way to share my country’s vibes and richness with the world. In Africa we love music and we love dancing. If you listen to my music you will want to dance and leave your problems. It’s what I want to share, just love and good vibes.”

Pepys started the NOEL EN PARTAGE an organization to help the orphan children in Benin Republic, his homeland. For the past 6-years, they have hosted a big concert where food, clothes, gifts are collected for children to give as Christmas presents. They also offer a creative workshop filled with Fashion, Art, and Music.

With his love for fashion and humanity, ICON VISIONARY is becoming a powerhouse in lifestyle and entertainment globally. Through his streetwear of shirts, caps, sweats, polo, jackets and many accessories, his brand is a favorite among celebrities, musicians, and models. His most recent project is working with a great stylist and designers to create a High Fashion Style.

 In 2019, The ICON VISIONARY brand will see massive growth by working with his closest collaborator Andrew Ryan in London. They have entered a partnership with a distribution group to make the products available online and in a London retail store.

  “Put God first in EVERYTHING you do. Be kind and brave in the pursuit of your dream. It’s never easy so you can find the real force to achieve all thing you want with FAITH and PATIENCE.”


Written by Jules Lavallee






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