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Netflix’s New Original “The Rain” Episode 1 : “Stay Inside” Review

Netflix has added another original to their growing list, “The Rain.” A dark, sci-fi series about a brother and sister that end up having to live inside of a high-tech bunker for six years after a mysterious rain is begins to kill off the majority of the population. The brother and sister are left there but their father, who seems to be the only person that knows what it is going on and goes out to “save people.” Their mother is killed by the rain, and they are left all alone.


Six years go by, they have no idea what has happened outside their bunker, their dad never returned and now they must go out and find a way to “live.” Since the oxygen levels have gone down in the bunker they can no longer live there.

The show started off fast-paced enough to gravitate your interest but just kept falling shortly there after. It was a little boring seeing them in the bunker especially since they didn’t really touch on the “difficulties” one would go through if they had to live in a bunker. I think they could have added a little drama during these six years to keep us invested. The six years in the bunker flew by and as the viewer we developed no connection to the brother and sister.


The episode ends with them leaving the bunker. There are people outside,but they seem vicious.

Overall, if you’re into sci-fi I would say check it out but if you’re looking for a next binge watch this might not be it. But who knows, maybe go past the first episode and see what happens.


Send us your thoughts on the show below! 


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