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Natalie Oden Inspirational Model ♥ The Voice for Autism


Natalie Oden was born in Whittier. She has lived in Moreno Valley most of her life with her parents Ana and Charles Oden and her twin sisters. At the age of three, she was diagnosed with autism which runs in Charles’ family. She was delayed in everything from speech to walking. She would not interact with people and had many fears including dogs, birds, among other things. One of the best things her parents did was to get her to school early. She was under the IEP program where the district including the teacher would set up goals with her parents for the school year. Her first teacher was with her for three years and helped her greatly. She made tremendous progress during this time and went from non-verbal contact to fully engage with others in society, but in Junior High Natalie experienced horrible bullying. Her parents were unaware. This caused depression and anxiety. She tried counseling and taking medication to help her but it did not work.

She graduated with honors from high school. Natalie is now an Inspirational Model and Voice for Autism. Modeling helped her by teaching her how to socialize and interact with others.

People are always amazed when they learn that Natalie has autism and can hold a conversation. Autism covers a wide spectrum and all kinds of people have it with different conditions. She wants to show others who are like her and their families that everyone has something to contribute to this world and individuals with Autism want to be heard.

When Natalie was 17, she did a photo shoot with a photographer from Mexico that was a nephew of one of her Mom’s friends. At 19, she thought about her photoshoot at 17 and told her Dad that she wanted to model. This was the beginning of her journey. In March 2015, Natalie met Vaiva Tuckuviene at the LA Convention Center where Vaiva was promoting her new book, The Road to Modeling Success. Her father asked Vaiva to help coach Natalie and she began to instruct Natalie on how to become a professional model. In January 2016, Vaiva Tuckuviene became Natalie’s Agent and signed her to become one of Vaiva Models. She has been featured as a model for a designer in Glamour UK Magazine and has also walked the runway in NYC, LAFS and OCFW shows.

One of Natalie’s most memorable photoshoots was for Girl Fight Magazine. It was photographed at the old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park. She got to dress up in fashionable outfits in the areas like old lion exhibits. It was a little tricky to stand up on the rocks in high heels, but she did it!

Natalie’s talent spans from modeling to music videos. She received her first magazine cover in January 2016 for M12 Magazine. She has worked at the NASCAR race in Fontana, California and at Comic-Con in San Diego. In early 2016, Natalie also participated in her first editorial photo shoot for designer’s Vaiva Tuckuviene’s “Vaiva Style” the book collection “The Road to Modeling Success” featured in both The Eden and Happy 365 Magazines. Her first music video was with the lead singer of Korn, Jonathan Davis. The scene showed some of the cult members drinking poison and spitting out blood. They had put blood packs in their mouths and spit it out at the right time. One of the Actors bit on the pack and tasted it. He realized that it tasted awful and spat it out in disgust. The fake blood landed on one of the Actors across the table who was sitting in front of him. It went on his shirt and his reaction to what happened made Natalie laugh so hard that the Director ended up using her laugh in the video.

She plans on pursuing her acting career. She would love to play a villain in a horror film or series. Over the next few months, Natalie will have more photo shoots and auditions. She has an Agent from KMR Talent Diversity. The goal of the agency is to find more roles for people like Natalie.





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  1. Natalie. This is a beautiful article. I am so very proud of you for all you have already accomplished. However, you have only just begun! You have grown so much since the first time I met you. You are such a beautiful person inside and out! I know you will get that part in a movie that you want! You Go GF!!


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