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Impact Under Pressure: Review and Results 5.31.18

Impact started off with Sonjay Dutt addressing the locker room earlier in day regarding the series of attacks by mystery assailant x. He assured the locker room that the necessary steps had been taken but Caleb Conley pointed out that no one from the management had been taken out. Petey Williams stepped in to be the voice of reason and told the locker room that they need to stick together.

Hype video for Under Pressure and what great action we’ll be seeing tonight.

1. Eli Drake defeated Scott Steiner

It’s sad to see Scott Steiner wrestling in a shirt. This was a bad, slow, and sad match. Scott Steiner doesn’t belong in the ring at this point. There’s not much to say about this. Eli won by hitting Scott with a chair as the red was distracted. I guess they wanted to protect Scott Steiner.

2. Madison Rayne defeated Tessa Blanchard

They seriously couldn’t wait more than 2 matches to beat Tessa Blanchard?!? The match was a little rough in the beginning but overall the match was good. Tessa really showed a lot in the match from in ring work to presence so her losing is even more mind-boggling. As far as in ring work Tessa is the best Knockout they have but that doesn’t matter Madison won when Madison countered the hammer lock DDT with a school girl. Madison isn’t bad but she’s no Tessa Blanchard.

LAX Clubhouse:

Eddie Kingston brought a briefcase full of money and some women for LAX. Eddie also booked LAX vs The Cult of Lee for next week.

3. Brian Cage defeated Dezmond Xavier

This was a fun match. Brian Cage tossed Xavier around but whenever Xavier was able to get offense in it looked amazing. Brian Cage hit a great looking Drill Claw for the win. Brian Cage in the X-Division is going to be fun! Brian Cage got Dezmond Xavier up and shook his hand. That was a nice little touch to give Xavier the rub.

McKenzie interviews Austin Aries:

Austin Aries said that Redemption was a bump in the road for him but until Pentagon Jr can beat him one on one Pentagon won’t be able to call himself the face of Impact Wrestling. He ended the interview by saying that the man makes the belt while lifting his Grand Championship.

4. Last Rights Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Su Yung defeated Allie to become Impact Knockouts Champion

The Last Rights Match is a fancy name for a casket match. Allie came out with her face painted like Rosemary and with Rosemary’s entrance theme that scared Su Yung. For an Allie match this wasn’t bad and the crowd was really into it so that helped the match out more. The finish was Allie trying to close the casket on Su Yung but Su countered with the mandible claw to render Allie unconscious. Su then rolled an unconscious Allie into the casket to win the Knockouts title.

Video package for mystery assailant x showing Sonjay Dutt laid out. So now even management has fallen victim. This guy better not be a let down.

Backstage Segment:

Eddie Edwards tells Alisha that him vs Sami in the middle of the woods with no ring or referee is happening. He then says after that him and Alisha can move on. Alisha is not buying it. Eddie threaten to murder Sami. I don’t know if I would admit that on National tv. I wonder if Eddie and Sami are going to watch the campsite series of matches from DDT Pro Wrestling?

5. Impact Wrestling World Championship: Austin Aries defeated Pentagon Jr to become a 3 time Impact Wrestling Champion

The match started off hot with Aries hitting a bottom rope suicide dive. Aries then went to work on Pentagon after Pentagon missed a chop on Aries and chopped the ring post instead. After that it was a great back and forth between both guys. Both guys looked great and have great chemistry with each other. The match ended when Aries had the last chancery on Pentagon Jr on the floor and the ref counted both out. Aries then grabbed the mic and demanded a restart and said there is only room for one Champion in the company. Pentagon did his zero fear hand signal and the match restarted. Pentagon then hit the package piledriver on the ring apron and both men are counted out again. Now Pentagon is in the ring and demands the match to restart as the ref goes to ring the bell Aries kicks Pentagon in the crotch and hits the brain buster to win the Impact Wrestling World Championship.

Overall Under Pressure was an enjoyable show. The only major gripe is beating Tessa so soon. It doesn’t make sense other than they need a babyface to go against Su Yung. Pentagon Jr looked strong in loosing and maybe the belt was put on Aries so Brian Cage can win the X-Division Title and cash in on Option C later this summer at Destination X. The irony of someone cashing in Option C on the creator of Option C Austin Aries.

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