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Oceans 8 Is Coming – TRAILER and SPOILERS

Warner Bros has started the press run for their star studded Summer flick, Ocean’s 8 directed by Gary Ross.  The reviews from critics have already said that this version of the Ocean’s franchise will indefinitely set it apart from its male-driven counterparts.  The movie also addresses current concerns in Hollywood regarding representation across diverse spectrums.  Each lead encompasses a different type of woman so to say.

Spoiler- there are photos from 2017 show Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in a scene from the fictional Met Gala.  That is where the heist goes down,



Check out the trailer below.


We’ve been invited to a screening prior to the movie opening on Friday June 8th so check back here for a full review.

Is your girl squad ready to see Ocean’s 8?

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