SNAPSHOTS Starring Emily Baldoni, Emily Goss and Piper Laurie; Los Angeles Film Premiere {PHOTOS +VIDEO}

The Laemmle Music Hall hosted the Los Angeles film premiere of Snapshots, July 27th. Gravitas Ventures powerful and dramatic film includes a strong female team; from behind the camera to the front of the screen. The story follows three women, of three generations and through two summers all fifty years apart.

Emily Baldoni.


Each woman’s story collides as it puts to test the love of three generations after much deceit occurs when a grandmother’s secret past comes to light against her granddaughter’s secret future and her daughter’s angry present.

Shannon Collis.


The film stars Emily Baldoni as Allison, Piper Laurie as Rose Muller, Brooke Adams as Patty, and Emily Goss as Louise Baxter.  Melanie Mayron of “thirtysmething” and “Jane the Virgin” directed.

Director Melanie Mayron.


Snapshots has already accumulated 31 awards including Best Picture at the 2018 American Movie Awards,  Best Picture at the Los Angeles Film Awards and Best Professional Feature at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film festival to name a few.

SNAPSHOTS will begin a limited theatrical run in Los Angeles as of July 27th ahead of it’s global VOD/Digital release on August 14, 2018. 











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