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Impact|Review and Results 8.2.18

1. Allie & Kiera Hogan defeated Su Yung & The Undead Bridesmaid

This was a decent match that had plenty of action to keep you entertained. The action at times was sloppy and that was mostly due to the Undead Bridesmaid having to wrestle like a zombie. Allie has improved a lot since in the 6 months she won after hitting the code breaker on Su Yung. Post match before Allie could celebrate Tessa Blanchard laid her out with the hammer lock ddt.

Tessa Blanchard backstage promo:

Tessa is pissed that Allie thinks she’s gonna get a knockouts title shot before her. Considering Tessa pinned Allie at Slammiversary Tessa has a legitimate reason to be pissed.

2. The OGz defeated Nathan Smokes and Ray Steele

This was a squash match. Post match The King cut a promo telling us he told us so. The OGz took out Konnan, his young boys, and their tag titles. The King kept egging on LAX to come out and the finally did. They got into a great brawl with the OGz and when they got the advantage Ortiz brought out an ax and was ready to decapitate Homicide until 2 officials stopped him. I hope those 2 officials are getting payed hazard pay.

LAX Backstage promo:

LAX are pissed at Konnan for stopping them from continuing the beat down on the OGz. However Konnan tells the young boys that this was a drive by and that they’re gonna finish it when the time is right. He said that he created and taught those 3 hoes(The OGz) everything and now they’re scared. This is the most fire LAX has shown.

OVE Cam:

Sami is mad that twitter is saying that he looks like a dumbass with his bald head. Sami doesn’t care and tonight the Crist Brothers are going to take out the Lucha Bros.

3. The Desi Hit Squad defeated Falla Bahh and KM

This was entertaining the story of the match was KM trying to teach Bahh some underhanded tactics. For the most part it was working until Bahh inadvertently distracted the ref as KM had Singh pinned allowing Raju to knee KM and Singh to hit a paydirt for the win. I really hope they don’t break up KM and Bahh they have a unique appeal and KM is actually a good babyface.

Backstage Segment:

Anthony Carelli is warming up with Dustin Cameron and gave him one hell of a pep talk before facing Austin Aries. After Cameron left Carelli prayed to God that Aries doesn’t kill him.

Alicia interviews Johnny Impact:

Johnny can’t find Kongo Kong, maybe he should try sending Jimmy Jacobs a DM. He said that Kongo Kong sent him a message loud and clear when he threw him face first in the ring steps and he isn’t going to stop until he finds him. Jimmy Jacobs interrupts and tells Johnny maybe he should take his glasses off to look for Kong. Jimmy does have a point. Before Jimmy can say anymore Johnny laid him out and told Jimmy he wasn’t going to ask for Kong again.

4. Impact World Championship: Austin Aries defeated Dustin Cameron

Austin Aries came out in street clothes eating a banana. The match was mostly Aries toying with Cameron until Cameron pissed him off by doing a few Judo throws to Aries. After that Aries laid him out with a brain buster instead of covering him he went for a 2nd but Carelli could take no more and threw in the towel for his student. Post match Aries puts the Last Chancery on Cameron until Carelli breaks it up. Aries then dares Carelli to punch him instead Carelli kicks him low. Aries bails and is attacked with a Kendo Stick by Eddie Edwards. Aries manages to escape before more damage is done.

Alicia interviews Alisha Edwards

Alisha is going to put her personal issues aside and concentrate on the knockouts division. Eddie didn’t get the memo and interrupted his wife and said things would be different. Alisha thought he meant he was gonna go to counseling. Eddie said no that he was going to become world champion. Alisha had enough and walked off.

Ben Kapoor interviewed Scarlett Bordeaux

Ben Kapoor is playing the old man that is mesmerized by Scarlett. He was bumbling all over the interview. It didn’t work the interview looked so phony. It worked better with Alicia atleast it didn’t look forced or fake.

Backstage Segment:

Grado confronts Eli Drake regarding the gift he gave him last week. Grado is ungrateful for the gift and challenges Drake to a tag match and since no one likes Drake Grado and Joe Hendry are the winners by default. Drake leaves to grab a geek to be his partner it just so happens to be Caleb Conley but Trevor Lee gets jealous so Lee will be Drake’s partner.

5. Eli Drake & Trevor Lee defeated Grado & Joe Hendry

This was not much of a match. This was done to further the Joe Hendry and Katarina are going behind Grado’s back storyline. Joe Hendry never tagged in and was more concern with protecting Katarina. Eli was able to hit the gravy train for the win. Post match Grado is starting to smarten up but still plants a kiss on Katarina. Joe looked ok awkwardly.

Backstage Segment:

Gamma Singh slaps the Desi Hit Squad a few times. He’s still not satisfied with their performance.

Backstage Segment:

Matt Sydal talked a lot. He needs to open his 3rd eye even wider now.

6. The Lucha Bros defeated OVE

An absolute killer match between these two teams. The Lucha Bros bring an energy and excitement that we haven’t seen in Impact Wrestling in years. The Crist brothers showed just how talented they are in this match. This was nonstop action from the get go until the Crist brothers slowed things down with their heelish tactics which worked great. They even tied the Lucha Bros’ masks to each other which was innovative. The finish was a spike package piledriver.

The show ended with Killer Kross cutting a promo on laid out Anthony Carelli.

The new norm for Impact is great wrestling and interesting characters and that’s what this show was.

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