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Impact|Review and Results 8.23.18

Impact starts of with Eddie Edwards heading to the ring.

Eddie Edwards Promo:

Eddie admitted that he got his ass kicked the last 2 weeks but he picked himself up and is looking for more. He called out Aries and Cross. Austin Aries came out with Killer Kross he said Eddie was crazy but he has someone crazier watching his back. Aries and Kross hit the ring and proceeded to beat down Edwards. They had him in a choke figure 4 submission combination. Moose then makes his return and chases Aries and Cross away.

OVE Cam:

Sami is going to end Pentagon tonight in a Mexican Deathmatch.

Backstage Segment:

Moose told Edwards he’ll always have his back.

1. Matt Sydal defeated Zachary Wentz

Real good match that showcased Wentz’ impressive aerial maneuvers. It wasn’t enough as Sydal kept him grounded enough to pick up the win.

Backstage Segment:

The Cult of Lee was annoying Eli Drake. Some Jobbers came in and The Cult of Lee challenged them. They want to prove to their best friend Eli Drake that they can beat them.

Brian Cage promo:

Brian Cage had a goal to take over the X Division and he did. Hes better than Bobby Lashley and he proved it by beating him twice. He said that Fenix is an amazing athlete but everything Fenix can do he can do better. Next week Brian Cage defends the X division title against Fenix.

Backstage Segment:

Falla Bahh gave KM a gift. KM is shocked at his gift asking Bahh if this is suppose to help them.

2. Falla Bahh & KM defeated The Desi Hit Squad

Bahh’s gift to KM was matching tights. KM came out with boots but Bahh made him take them off. KM was having trouble adjusting to wrestling without boots. The match was fun as KM and Bahh have a weird chemistry that makes their matches fun. Km and Bahh pick up the win with the Bonzai Drop.

Backstage Segment:

Katarina is tired of Grado losing. Joe Hendry is being more positive and thinks that Grado can turn it around. Scarlett appears and asked Grado why he’s so sad. Scarlett told him he would help him if he gave her a pole dance. This was awkward and the Scarlett character had already jumped the shark.

3. Kiera Hogan defeated Alisha Edwards

The match was solid. At time it was a little clunky but never boring. Both ladies worked hard and got the crowd into it. Kiera won with a twisting fisherman suplex . Post match Allie puts over Kiera but then cuts a promo on Su Yung. Allie said that Su Yung forced her into the darkness and changed her. She said she’s going to put and end to Su Yung. Every time she tries to end her Tessa Blanchard sticks her nose in her business. She then challenges both to a triple threat match.

Pool Promo:

Johnny Impact is at a pool party getting interviewed by a Disco Inferno look a like. Kongo Kong interrupts and attacks Johnny. The party goers looked amused at this. Johnny gets the upper hand and throws Kong in the pool. This was lame.

Video package:

They had a video package detailing the 3 way feud between Allie, Su Yung, and Tessa. That was fast. Tessa is going to prove she’s the best.

Alicia interviews Rich Swann:

Rich Swann signed with Impact Wrestling because if their buzz. His goal is the X Division Championship. Swann is excited to face Petey Williams next week.

Pentagon Promo:

He called himself the King of the Mexican death match. He’s gonna teach Sami respect and make him feel pain.

Alicia interviewed Austin Aries and Killer Kross:

Aries was pissed that Moose stuck his nose in their business. Aries thought the concussion he gave Moose would knock some sense into him but it didn’t. So next week Aries and Kross are going the finish Edwards and Moose.

4. Mr. Atlantis & Brandon Tidwell defeated The Cult Lee

Eli Drake joins the commentary team. The Cult of Lee spent the whole match trying to impress Eli Drake and that ended up costing them the match.

LAX returns to the block:

LAX celebrating the street fight victory. Homicide and Hernandez ran over a little kid at the party. Seriously that happened.

5. Mexican Death Match: Sami Callihan defeated Pentagon Jr

This was an absolute spectacle with broken tables, a staple gun, and legos! These guys went at it with hard hitting shots and really continue to have one of the best rivalries in all wrestling. The finish was Sami Callihan hitting a top rope piledriver on Pentagon Jr. this was an insane match.

This weeks main event was great but the rest of the show ranged from fine to silly. The kid getting ran over by the OGz was a little too silly. The combination of Kross and Aries is great but Eddie Edwards is just an unlikable character right now.

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