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Valerie Dwyer, Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, and Author: A Childhood Discovery became her Treasure for Success

Valerie Dwyer discovered Creative Entrepreneurship at a very young age. Creative Entrepreneurship is to invest in your “talent” or “intellectual property.”

Valerie was raised in the UK by a single mom, her maternal grandmother and with her favorite Aunt. She didn’t have a lot of treasures, but she had kindness, imagination, and determination. She capitalized on these strengths and it led her out of poverty to create the life she wanted. She has bought, merged, and sold 10 businesses. She is a Champion for Women as a Transformational Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Author. With her expertise in vision and strategy, she has been influential at all levels and across policy making, funding and communications. From Presidents, Entrepreneurs, and Managing Directors ,Valerie Dwyer has been a catalyst for action.


The “My Wonderful Life Coach” https://www.mywonderfullifecoach.co.uk/ Holistic Program, Destination Me™ have helped global business leaders and organizations. “Where many individuals, Entrepreneurs and organizations lose out is that they start with a vision that does not connect them to their own Inner Vision Compass, therefore the essential unstoppable success foundation does not exist,” says, Dwyer. “Furthermore, many create a vision. but do not devise their success strategies.” “To get from vision to reality requires action. This is where sound strategy is crucial. Lastly, you need proof. “The core of my program is to create your Vital Vision Blueprint™. The transformational program re-connects hearts, bodies and spirit to mind and brain power – with less of the left-brain logic and more engaging of the creative right brain. The results are defined as the SuccessSATNAV™.



Valerie Dwyer has Co-Authored ‘Woman power: Strategy For Female Leaders.” It has received critical acclaim for the diversity and equality of content from the 16 globally successful Women Leaders, Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs. The book is comprised of personal viewpoints from across the world, and from different cultures on women’s leadership including tips, advice, and processes.

Do leaders need to go through challenging experiences to become great leaders? “Absolutely!” “There is NO substitute for experience. While the ‘What’ of vision gives us the picture of our end destination, the ‘How’ in how do we get there, is in some ways is even more important.” “A dream stays a dream until you take action to make it happen,” says, Dwyer.

“Having high-energy is essential to an Entrepreneur who aims to be exceptional and to magnify and multiply their offering to the world. “For a Transformational Success Coach it is even more important. Every thing in the Universe is energy and this work is a high-energy environment. Whenever I work with Clients I deplete my own energy, transferring it to the Client. For me, Sometimes it can take me a day or two to recover while the Client at the same time becomes highly charged and their vision takes off!”


Website: https://www.mywonderfullifecoach.co.uk/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/ValerieDwyer.A1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/valeriedwyer

Linked In: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/valeriedwyer


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