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23-Year Old- Colten Dietz Self-Taught Filmmaker with over 30 Short Films and 6 Feature Films

Colten Dietz is setting the bar high for aspiring Filmmakers. He is a self-taught Filmmaker; with no Film School or Film Program, he has learned to write, direct, edit, and research through YouTube tutorials.


Dietz was adopted at birth by a Caucasian family in Charlotte, North Carolina. He recalls moving a lot when he was younger. His first short film was when he was 14-years old then in High Schoo,l he created an entire feature film.

He recalls, “I sort of got my first break finishing a little Feature Film that I did with a shoestring budget of just $5000 called Omertà.” “The entire point of the film was to be 100% serious about my art and pushing myself as a Creative Director,” says, Dietz. Since then he has directed, written, and produced 6 Feature Films, 12 commercials, 3 music videos and over 30 Short Films.


“I have gone to numerous Film Mixers to grow my reputation and experience as well as work on numerous Netflix shows including directing an episode for the show, “Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer.” I was 22, says,” Dietz.

Dietz admits that he had a bit of a learning curve when it came to spelling. He overcame the challenge with his creative writing.

His current project, “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” is a Mystery Crime Thriller, starring Vic Mignogna and Dante Basco. The film is about Christopher Bennett, a Police Detective from Phoenix, Arizona, who is struggling from memories of a case from his past. After a heated altercation with his wife Elizabeth, he decides to go on vacation to his hometown of Galesburg, Illinois. The local Sheriff, Alex Cimbol, an old family friend, hears of Bennett’s return and asks for his assistance in an ongoing investigation. They soon discover a number of elaborate and grotesque murders and realize they are dealing with a fanatic religious cult. Dietz’s screenplay was written over 3-years through dedicated research with his local police department, ride alongs and interaction with a Homicide Detective from the Glendale in Phoenix Police Department. He also sought out five doctors in the Phoenix area to develop his screenplay.


What makes a good Filmmaker? “I think what makes a good Filmmaker is the ability to adapt and overcome any obstacle thrown your way.” “To be able to take what someone on a Budget Sheet says is impossible and figure it out. A good Filmmaker needs to have a true grasp at all stages of production as well as an understanding of all responsibilities and positions on set.” “I believe that to be successful you need to have perseverance. “You need to be able to take creative criticism. as it’s the only true way that you’ll ever grow.”  



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