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How Pets are “Living it up at the Barkingham Pet Hotel California.”

Lori Weiner from Palm Springs Desert, CA is a clinical Animal Nutritionist, helping people to help their animals to improve their quality of life through nutrition and exercise. Born in Pittsburgh, PA she moved to California at age 6. She has always had a love for animals. She has groomed and showed dogs since, 2000. With her heart for rescue, she started a non-profit, California Paws Rescue.


When Weiner saw a study about the abuse and mistreatment of Greyhounds at the track, she decided in 2009, to create the series “Dino Vicelli Private Eye in a world of Evils”, based upon the notion, if the roles between humans and animals were reversed in a world of animal abuse, how would humans truly respond? (youtube- Vicelligoestowashington) and Dino Vicelli  Youtube.

In 2010 the sequel to this book was written, “Vicelli goes to Washington the great Fopaw”.

Her passion for Entrepreneurship and the desire to improve the lives of pets led her in 2011, to embark on the Barkingham Pet Hotel California. The 5-Star Pet Hotel provides your “Princess” with Pet boarding services, where she can dip her sophisticated paws into the fountain water and pool.


If Uber isn’t available, “Princess” can be picked up in the Convenient Pet Taxi provided exclusively by the Barkingham Pet Hotel. When she arrives she is greeted by a smiling staff. Before you send “Princess” packing, you may want to stop at The California Dreaming Boutique located inside this luxury hotel. It is filled with elegant dog jackets, handmade leashes from Italy and accessories.

What would a 5-Star Hotel be without a Fitness Club? The Barkingham Pet Hotel offers a treadmill session, pool, and fitness. For members, your pet can enjoy, Pawlates Classes, a core strengthening and muscle condition program for an active dog to help strengthen their muscles and build a stronger core.


To get ready to frolic in the pool in the afternoon, Grooming Services, with massages, mud baths, and skin treatments are a real treat.

For the sophisticated. the Reinvigorating Canine Wellness Spa provides a first-class day of pampering from head to toe with essential oils and massage. You may want to book this at the beginning of the stay, otherwise “Princess” may want to stay another week.

At the beginning this First-Class Pet Hotel was in an 11,500 sq ft building and tripled in business, outgrowing the building.  A new building was built and was finished in December 2017 with. 23,000 sq ft.

Weiner started her non-profit California Paws Rescue, which is part of Barkingham. The rescues have their own wing, which can take in 16 dogs at a time saving one life at a time. California Paws Rescue has over 300 successful pet adoptions since, 2011.




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