Filmmaker Jerome-Anthony Larkin of  “The Blonde Hair Murders.”

Jerome-Anthony grew up with a strict upbringing with parents who were Baptist Ministers. His parents didn’t allow him and his 3 brothers to go outside, so his outlet was writing.  He was an 80’s child. Many of the characters he created were from the hit shows of the day. He also had been impressionable and was drawn to Alex Haley’s mini-series, “Roots.” The characters were fixed in his mind. This began for Larkin to develop deep characters in his own writings.

Larkins first screenplay was “The Life Exchange”, starring Carole Wood. Some of Wood’s films have been seen on the Lifetime Network. “The Life Exchange” is about a Massage Therapist, (Carole Wood) who encounters a man with evil intentions. The crux of the film is that the evil man by the name of Ashton Sinclaire, died in 1978 during the disco era and suddenly shows up in Carole Wood’s office. The film won Best Screenplay at The Widescreen Film Festival. This began Larkin’s new life as a was the beginning of my new life as a Screenplay Writer.


For Larkin, the development of characters is what he enjoys most about writing screenplays. “Nothing entices me more than seeing an enriching character come to life like “Ashton Sinclaire” or “Josie Sawyer” from my 4th film, “Evils Of A Foster Child.” “I become very excited, somehow believing that the characters are real.” “This may sound strange, but I actually feel some sense of spiritual connection with all these characters that I create. It’s like they are apart of me and in many ways, they are.” “I am a firm believer, that a writer’s characters are derived from a secret place of the writer. As if a small portion of that character is also in some way apart of the writer,” says, Larkin.

Larkin a semi-introvert is a quiet guy who occasionally introduces himself on the red carpet. He attends church regularly and works hard at his craft.”  “ I have always said that a good writer is strange, that they keep to themselves. I think I fit in that category,” says Larkin.

His first break was his stage play, “Thanksgiving Day” in 2010 which was a major part of Larkin’s rise to popularity. “Thanksgiving Day” was about an African-American girl coming home to celebrate the holidays with her family, and bringing her Caucasian mate with her to meet her racist grandmother.  The stage play for over a years was introduced at several venues in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Georgia.

Storytelling has always been Larkin’s passion and he has a  keen vision on how to market that passion. “If you don’t have a solid story, with solid words to describe what you are trying to say on screen, then the film is lost immediately,” “ I did not know from the very beginning that I would be pursuing a career in film, but somewhere in my heart, I knew that I would be writing somewhere, and telling a story.”


What does it take to be seen in Hollywood? “Well, for me, having to experience the hard life of New York, I think it takes guts” “ Both New York and Los Angeles are very difficult places to reside.” “ But if you have the guts and the stamina to take on the hardened task of staying afloat, then I think eventually you will be seen or heard. “Don’t just go there thinking that prosperity is gonna fall in your lap like it did for me”. “Each Actor, Director, and Writer have to learn their craft and earn their individual respect from their peers. Nothing will fall inside your lap. You will definitely have to work for it.” “The film industry can be a very productive instrument if it is utilized wiser and with good intentions,” says, Larkin.

Larkin’s latest film, “The Blonde Hair Murders” starring, Eric Claussen tells the story of several blonde girls dropping dead all over town. And Private Investigator Daniel Benito, (Eric Claussen) is hired by one of the dead victim’s mother to solve the case. The dramatic film contains 20 characters………all them suspects. The film will be released in 2019.

Larkin chose Mr. Claussen, who plays Private Investigator Daniel Benito, because of his height and for his instant demand of attention when he walks in the room. The character, Private Investigator Daniel Benito has a presence from the very moment the film starts and Larkin needed an Actor who would fortify that manly persona. “I very rarely perform auditions. I usually hire an Actor through their Actor’s reel or simply by their characteristics. Usually, if I know that they are a good Actor or Actress and fit the bill of the character, then they are hired,” says, Larkin.

Upcoming screenplays include, “The Unscrupulous” about an innocent priest, Father Rollins (this character taken from “Evils Of A Foster Child” film, who falls in love with a beautiful, married woman and she ends up dead after their first sexual encounter. “The Legends Of Legion” is a vampire story about a legion of vampires being controlled by a narcissistic leader, Thaddeus, as his two self-proclaimed first ladies, Melinda and Klarissa, fight to the finish for the vamp’s legacy.

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