Mizo Ghendar from Ship Builder to Setting Sail to Hollywood and Landing a Successful Acting Career.

A Valentine’s Day baby, Mizo Ghendar was born in Port Said, Egypt.

Since childhood, his dream has always been to live in the United States to act in Hollywood Movies.

In 1996, Ghendar graduated and was certified in Ship Building. This granted him the opportunity to work on ships and travel the world and meet new people from different cultures. Although it was hard work, he lived in beautiful places such as Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and, Italy.  

What had been extremely rough seas for Ghendar starting from the bottom, he managed to remain focused, prayed and reached Hollywood in 2005. Moving forward to 2013, he landed his first breakthrough role as a “bad guy” in a short film, “Black Water”, starring Fernando Allende. This lead him to more acting opportunities in the T.V., Documentary, and Movie industry.


In 2015, the tides changed and he played his first Lead Actor role of “Alien” in a movie titled “Among Us.” Among Us received positive reviews from CNN, Social Media, Hollywood and Beverly Hills newspapers. He became well-known for the “Alien” role in the U.S. and also in Latin communities across North, Central, and South America.

Recently, in the 7th Edition of LA Flash Awards, Ghendar was nominated for the “Best Actor” category for his role of “Devil” in the “Passion of Christ” play, which was presented in Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, and Bakersfied, CA by Univision-TV. During this special coverage by Univision-TV they invited the cast and crew from the film, Among US and well-known Actor Miguel Angel Rodriguez who played Jesus in the “Passion of Christ” play.

Although Ghendar has taken on a variety of roles, he enjoys playing the “bad guy” like his role in the hit show, “Sangre Negra” which you will see Ghendar in Season 3. The show is on Amazon Prime.

image1 (1)

He has just finished filming, “Juba the Untold Story” about an Iraqi Sniper during the war in Iraq. His next project is an Egyptian movie about the missing & stolen Egyptian Treasury with well known Middle-Eastern Actors from Egypt and the United States including Arab American Actor Sayed Badreya who is well-known for his role in “Iron Man” and Actor, Ahmed Shaker. The movie will be filmed in Hollywood. Still in pre-production is his film, “Unforgivable Sin” Written and Directed by Lorenzo De La Cruz and produced by Alecon Pictures. The “Unforgivable Sin” is a Thriller/Horror Film about a young woman trying to turn her life around from partying and drinking when she is brutally raped and left for dead. 25-years later she has moved on and now has a young son, Dauther. Little does she know her past is very near and will hunt them all till she pays for her unforgivable sins. Production will begin in early 2019.


Facebook :https://m.facebook.com/Mizo-Ghendar-560733507363441/

Website: http://www.mizoghendar.com/




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