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Impact started with the recap Moose’s heel turn from last week.

1. Petey Williams defeated Rich Swann

Matt Sydal joined Josh Matthews and Don Callis on commentary. Sydal talked about wanting to open Rich Swann’s 3rd eye. As for the match it was a fun action packed match. Rich Swann shined again and Petey was his usual solid self. The finish was Swann on the top rope being distracted by Matt Sydal which allowed Petey to recover and hit the Canadian Destroyer. This was a much needed win by Petey who had become a jobber to the stars and it also gets him involved in the Swann/Sydal storyline.

Backstage Matt Sydal tries to calm Rich Swann down and tells him he wants to help him open his 3rd eye. Swann was having none of it.

2. Desi Hit Squad defeated Grado and Joe Hendry

Grado and Joe Hendry made their entrance with a song sang by Hendry declaring his platonic love for Katarina. It was hilarious. The match was a solid match. The Desi Hit Squad aren’t spectacular but have improved greatly since their debut a few months ago. The finish was Grado once again taking the pin after getting the hot tag from Hendry. Post match Katarina berates Grado for being a loser and declares her love for Hendry. She then forcefully kisses him only for Hendry to shove her away and reiterate his platonic love for her. I seriously hope this is the end of the storyline and Joe Hendry moves on to better things.

Backstage Segment:

Km and Falla Bahh thank Scarlett Bordeaux for their success, considering they have yet to win a match since taking Scarlett’s advise not sure what they’re thanking her for. Scarlett stared flirting with both Bahh and KM. They’ve already ran out of ideas for Scarlett and now everything feels forced.

Eli Drake in ring promo:

Eli isn’t impressed with the Cult of Lee and he isn’t impressed by the two jobbers he beat last week. This week he’s looking to be impressed so out walks Stone Rockwell looking like a cheap Indiana Jones cosplay. He calls himself the adventurer and tries to talk but Eli kept interrupting him this led to match.

3. Eli Drake defeated Stone Rockwell

Eli Drake won in 30 seconds with the Gravy Train.

Lucha Bros Promo:

They said they have always had each other’s back and they want Cage as a partner to fight OVE.

Backstage Segment:

Alisha Edwards barges into Moose’s locker wants answers for him turning his back on her husband. I thought she was separated from him? Anyways Moose, Aries, and Cross dismiss themselves from the room and leave Alisha wondering.

4. Tessa Blanchard beat Su Yung

After losing the Knockouts title last week without being pinned Su Yung gets pinned clean. The match was good but beating Su Yung so decisively didn’t make sense. Post match the undead bridesmaids bring a casket and Su Yung attacks Tessa and puts her in the casket until Allie and Kiera Hogan make the save. Tessa was not thankful to Allie or Kiera for saving her.

King and Konnan visit the mob at a restaurant. Seriously this happened in short 3 mobsters booker LAX and Konnan vs King and The OGz at Bound For Glory.

5. OVE defeated Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel

Great match all action from the start and a real showcase for Wentz, Miguel, and Austin. OVE won but everyone shined. Post match OVE called themselves the best trio in wrestling.

Moose, Killer Kross, and Austin Aries in ring promo:

Moose turned heel because he was always there for Eddie Edwards but Eddie failed to call him when Moose was in the hospital concussed. Austin Aries proclaimed dominance. This brought out Johnny Impact who said that he just signed a contract to face Aries at Bound For Glory. That was sort of anti climatic. This lead to the heels beating down Impact 3 on 1 to end the show.

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