Jennifer Garner Takes On A Badass Action Role in PEPPERMINT (Review)

I am so used to seeing Jennifer Garner in this wholesome type movies like 13 Going On 30   so seeing her as a badass “vigilante” type role was definitely refreshing! Jennifer Garner plays Riley North in the newest action film, Peppermint.



The film starts off with Riley (Jennifer Garner) kicking some guys butt and eventually killing him inside of a parked car. She then heads down to skid row in Los Angeles and bandages up her wound. Then, we are taken back to five years prior.

Five years earlier, Riley North wasn’t on the run from the FBI, she wasn’t a mafia tracking killer. Nope, she was a mother and a wife. Until, her husband gets involved in a crime, and even though he never actually commits the crime, he pissed off the wrong people. Gang members. So on Carly North’s birthday, Riley’s daughter, they take her out to the carnival and while she’s eating peppermint ice cream, she and her father are killed by the pissed off gang members. Riley is the only the survivor.


She tries to get justice the right way, but the judicial system makes it impossible for that to happen. She is screwed as her family’s killers are free to roam.

Flash forward back to present time, Riley spent the last five years training in combat and weaponry to avenge to her family.


She does so by killing each and every single person that did her wrong. From the ones that pulled the trigger to the judge.


Overall, the movie moves really fast there are no boring parts. Jennifer Garner convinces you by the end that she is a real badass, and there are some fun twists and turns. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fun movie night outing, Peppermint is one to check out. It’s everything you’d want in an action film, a little bit of comedy, twists and a good time.







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