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Steven Aronson Actor, “The Blonde Hair Murders” and Violinist

Steven Aronson is a savant. Growing up in Miami in a bilingual household his curiosity and love for different cultures motivated him to learn other languages; he speaks 9 languages.

His first love is playing the violin. “I love the feeling that I can express myself through the violin, and the different ways I can connect myself through music. I started at the age of seven and I haven’t stopped since then,” says Aronson.


He considers every project a chance to tell a story. In his lead role of (Daniel Bethencourt) in the film, “Swear By Apollo.” It took a lot of preparation for knowing himself as {this} person and the connections within himself that he had to do to bring that extra layer into the film. For his role of Kevin Reese in the feature film “The Blonde Hair Murders”  from Jerome-Anthony Larkin. In “The Blonde Hair Murders,” Private Investigator Daniel Benito has the arduous task of attempting to solve the case of several blonde girls, all the while dealing with his own personal dilemma of losing his wife, after sleeping with his co-worker. But the infamous blonde hair murders case does get solved, but not before coming in contact with some very seedy, unseemingly situations. This amazing story will premiere in January 2019.

Aronson believes being multilingual is an art form. “Most people believe that knowing a language means that one has the power to communicate. Every language is another genre and I speak to people with feeling and emotion. I love to get the opportunity to be able to communicate and connect with people from around the world. I appreciate each language,  especially, when the more I am immersed in their language, and the more I learn of their culture…. but I will say this, I have so much fun seeing people’s reactions when I speak their language.”


His awards include the prestigious England Gold Award at the Latitude Film Awards in the UK for  “Swear By Apollo” (Daniel Bethencourt) and the feature film “Evil’s Of A Foster Child” by Director, Jerome Anthony Larkin at the Silicon Beach Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA for “Best Cast.”


With the arts in his veins, he is working on a lead role in the new film, “Jeremy” with Georgia Koumas. “Jeremy is a dream come true. I am humbled and honored to be chosen for the leading role. I had the privilege to meet personally the creator and writer of “Jeremy,” Georgia Koumas. She is not only an incredible writer but also a composer and a pianist. Her stories are remarkable with great and profound messages.”




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