Actor, Allen John Wall the “Hollywood Horse” Creates a Landscape of Artistic Expression in His Upcoming Film.

Allen John Wall was born and raised in Oxford, NY with the average household income below the gross national average. He was raised on a small farm in upstate NY and enjoyed bonfires, barbeques, camping, and fishing. Looking out to the pasture his horses would run and on the left was a large, old barn where he would swing from a rope. Despite living in a poor area, nature gave him a rich sense of reality. “I used to catch large snapping turtles and snakes and swim in the river and ponds. “ “I was mainly raised by my grandmother Mildred A. Wall who is 93 years old and has been a great support and a motivator for following my dreams,” says Wall.


About 5- years ago he saw an ad from Syracuse, NY about opportunities to meet  Agents and Producers and a chance to audition for the film & entertainment industry. Upon hearing this, he was motivated to get professionally involved in the acting world. “I knew that acting was something I could do and always wanted to do. I took some acting classes and started to get involved with local film production companies. I started auditioning every chance that I had. I eventually found an Agent to represent me in the industry. Ever since then I’ve accomplished so many wonderful things and traveled all over the United States and a lot of the East Coast. I’ve worked with 100’s of Actors and I’ve worked for high- profile production companies that have grossed over 100 million worldwide.,” says Wall.

Known for the “Hollywood Horse,” Wall created the name and persona in an effort to differentiate himself from other Actors in the industry. Wall has always been known for his comedic and colorful personality. “I like to laugh and make others laugh, it is a great feeling. I love acting out humorous scenes for others, says Wall.

Allen Wall Pottersville 1
Photo Credit: John R. Fava

Wall’s first break was in 2017 in the comedic film, “Pottersville” produced by Ron Perlman. He played the Italian Stallion, a furry brown horse that likes to party with Bigfoot. Wall was previously unknown to the acting world and he was off the industry’s radar in the entertainment world until he appeared in “Pottersville.”With “Potterville’s Celebrity Cast, this film opened many doors for Wall.

In 12 Days with God by Paragon Found Productions, Wall plays the role of a Surgeon who performs a lifesaving surgery on his patient with a cancerous growth. He co-stars along with  his brother Kevin A. Wall as highly trained professionals in the medical field.

What draws you into acting? “Many aspects draw me into acting, such as the chance to escape reality and also create new realities through artistic expression. Moving people emotionally and the thought of being immortalized in film is a dream come true. The chance to have a positive impact on other peoples lives is a motivating factor.” “My fondest memories have always been attached to acting and film performances. Such as talent shows I starred in, seeing David Copperfield live, the Renaissance Festival with my grandmother and cousins, watching live theater, and drive- in movie that still exists in upstate NY. For some reason, I‘ve always felt like my life was a movie and that drew me into this as well.”

Allen Wall Pottersville 4
Photo Credit: John R. Fava

One of his favorite Directors to work with was Fred Olen Ray a well-known Hollywood Film Producer. Wall and Ray collaborated on the set of The Lifetime Movie. “Network’s Deadly Shores.” Wall recalls that Ray was a great person to work with and learn from. He was inspirational, professional and fun to work with along with his brother Chris Olen Ray.

In his upcoming film he works alongside  his brother in a remade version of a classic thriller TV series in Los Angeles and Vegas. He has several feature film releases out soon such as, “Bareknuckle Brawler” with Danny Trejo and Martin Kove, “Eskimo Sisters,” and “Looks That Kill.”




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