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EVERYTHING We Know About CBS’ Happy Together

Happy Together is one of CBS’ newest comedy sitcoms about a young married couple that winds up taking in a world-famous musician into their home. But in doing so, their world changes considering that their idea of fun is staying home and watching Netflix.


The idea for the show came from a real experience that show creator Ben Winston had when former One Direction member Harry Styles came to live in Winston’s suburban home. And although Styles is an Executive Producer on the show, the show has nothing to do with Styles.

The main cast includes Damon Wayans Jr. {New Girl}, Amber Stevens West {Ghosted} and Felix Mallard {Neighbours}.

Damon and Amber play the married couple that don’t realize they live an a very simple life; they are a very happy and in love couple. They are boring, dorky, yet relatable.  Felix plays Cooper, the musician that has never lived a regular life.


Instinct Culture was able to talk to the cast Happy Together, see what we learned below. 


Felix Mallard


  • Had several auditions during pilot season and had to choose from two shows, in the end Happy Together is the one that stuck.
  • Harry Styles called him and told him all about the show, said he liked Felix’s performance and would hope that he’d come on board.  “It was crazy, it was bizarre, I wasn’t really ready for it, and he’s endlessly charming.” Felix said about his phone call with Harry.
  • “They are so funny and so talented. We just laugh all the time.” said Felix about working with Damon and Amber
  • Felix said nothing in terms of character is taken from Harry Styles but rather friends of his from back home that are musicians.
  • Felix is very happy that he gets to represent Australian actors on American Television. Although, he did work very hard to try to perfect his English accent.
  • Felix has been playing music for 12 years, he sings and plays guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano.
  • Felix’s middle name is actually Cooper, which is also his character’s name.
  • When Felix came to the U.S he gave himself a return date of April 18th to go back home to Australia. Oddly enough that was the first shoot date for Happy Together.


Damon Wayans Jr. 


  • Damon said he felt “old” when Felix said he was born in 1998.
  • Damon loves the Happy Together work schedule, “We feel like were making something great.”
  • Damon says Happy Together is “Feel good television.”
  • Happy Together is Damon’s first time working in front of a live audience for a scripted show.


Amber Stevens West 


  • Did one episode of New Girl which is where she first met Damon. They got along well and kept in contact. “It was unique for to actually keep in touch with somebody.” Amber said she and Damon got a long because they have the same sense of humor and work ethic.
  • Amber says she’s basically playing her real-self on the show, ” I am totally a nerd, and I am a nerd at home with my husband, we tell stupid jokes and we dance around, it’s embarrassing if anyone were to be filming us.”
  • With the episodes already shot, Amber has already sung a lot because her character loves singing and dancing and incorporating what Cooper does.
  • Amber hopes the show does really well, and that the audiences will love the show and that it runs many seasons.



Happy Together debuts on CBS on October 1st. 

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