A Crooked Somebody’s Rich Sommer Talks About the Film and His Role as Michael Vaughn

Rich Sommer has been adding to his film credits non-stop over the past years working on projects such as Netflix’s Glow {2017}, Regular Show {2015}, Mad Men {2007} and most recently the drama, thriller “A Crooked Somebody.”

While his other projects were of note, “A Crooked Somebody” was  more of a “personal investment” for Rich.   The story was based on an idea he had fifteen years ago, and a story he wrote with a friend back in college, Andrew Zilch who wrote the screenplay.

“Every other thing, most other job has been something I was cast far after the process began. This project I was considered from the beginning cause I wrote it with a friend.  I am immensely proud of the others but this definitely holds a singular place or me.” says Sommer about the importance of this project.


In the film Rich plays Michael Vaughan, an attention-seeking psychic who is kidnapped and tries to use the situation to boost his popularity. Rich notes that this character was challenging for him because his character lies every chance he gets and Sommer’s goal was to be authentic and honest for a guy who lives an un-authentic life while also giving his character some shred of humanity.

Sommer says that he was captivated by this story because he always had a weird obsession with physics and medium, so much so that he had spent hours in front of the television watching their shows. And even though he himself has never gone to a physic reading because they “don’t feel authentic” doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe others whom have had legitimate experiences.

Rich describes his film ” A Crooked Somebody” as dark, hopefully illuminating and funny.

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