10 Things You Should Know About “I Still See You” Starring Bella Thorne, Richard Harmon and Dermot Mulroney

“I Still See You” is an upcoming thriller sci-fi starring Bella Thorne, Richard Harmon and Dermot Mulroney.  The film is set nine years after an apocalyptic event that kills millions and leaves the world infiltrated by ghosts.

Scott Speer directs the film which is out in theaters October 12, 2018.


10 Things You Should Know About “I Still See You”

  1. Richard Harmon who plays Kirk Lane, Bella’s on-screen love interest says he cried once he found out he landed the role. His first thoughts on the script itself was that it was “unbelievable.”
  2. Dermot Mulroney who plays the teacher, August Bittner says he has read more scripts than movies and even he didn’t see the ending coming. He said it was a really good “ghost story.”
  3. Scott Speer who directed the film said he grew up as kid loving ghost stories and  wanted to do a ghost story. But he had to find new ideas and twists.
  4. Daniel Waters who wrote the book ” Break My Heart One Thousand Times” based the remnants {ghosts} and the idea of loss from the tragedy of September 11. Where the characters are essentially living the worst day over and over again. And having to adjust to a new normal.
  5. Richard Harmon says his favorite scenes to shoot were the high school scenes because it’s been quite a few years since he’s been in high school and it might have been his last.
  6. Dermot Mulroney said his most favorite scene to shoot were the underwater scenes. There was a built-in water tank on the stage, the scene involved several nights of work. He says they trained briefly with experts, but that he found it very hard to scream underwater. Dermot says that in order for no bubbles to come out of your mouth when you scream underwater you have to pretend to scream instead. So even though it looks like he’s screaming he’s not really screaming.
  7. Even though Richard Harmon has done a lot of sc-fi work including on The 100, he says he’s not actually a fan of it. But that because he keeps getting casted for these types of roles he’s become a bigger fan of sci-fi.
  8. Richard Harmon says he watches a lot of movies, that he goes to the theaters two to four times a week. He loves comedy and methodical films.
  9. Scott Speer says he loved his cast, said Bell Thorne is very talented and intuitive actor. And that she can always tells what he is looking for. He says Richard Harmon is a total movie star, and was very consistent in all his work. And said Dermot Mulroney was a stone cold pro and had been wanting to work with him for quite a while.
  10. Scott Speer says he believes this movie is good enough to become a TV show.



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