Actor Eric EC Claussen: Reminds us that “Every Master was a Disaster.”

Actor Eric EC Claussen was born in Huntington Long Island, New York. When he was 7-years old he moved to Northern Virginia. His love for theater began in theater class with his teacher, Mr. Timm at Rocky Run Middle School.

Most of the people Claussen is working with now, are up and coming A-list Actors. He tells Instinct Culture so eloquently, “Every Master was once a disaster (T. Harv Eker) “We all continue pushing ourselves learning, growing, falling down, getting back up, improving, expanding and having fun in the process.”

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This gregarious attitude has led Claussen to his role in “The Blonde Hair Murders” by Jerome-Anthony Larkin where he plays Private Investigator Daniel Benito.”Jerome sent me this script and like any script I’m sent, I immediately devour it.” In “The Blonde Hair Murders” Daniel is hired to investigate a bunch of blonde hair girls that have been murdered in town but deeper than that he is going on an emotional roller coaster ride of his own.

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Sometimes, life imitates Art. For Claussen, he has been on a rollercoaster with years of battling alcohol addiction and depression. “Each of us has our own stories of struggles and through our struggles and challenges we are forced to grow and are taught valuable lessons. Life is always about becoming more, expanding in consciousness and growing into our creative endeavors. Each new character I play allows for growth and the beautiful thing about it is expanding and growing and you never go back, you just keep expanding into the limitless possibilities.”



Claussen has been juggling many films including, “The Pursuit of Certainty” by Verrin Cofield. “Verrin reached out to me and asked me to audition for the role of Vincent Bellamy. He loved my audition and said the part was mine. I told him I was on board for three other projects including “The Blonde Hair Murders”, “Bae Nights Season 2” and “You’re It” and it was going to be tough to coordinate everything. He said he’d work around my schedule and I said great, I’ll do it!!  It’s so good to be wanted and with my work ethic.” “The Pursuit of Certainty” is a story of hope- The American Dream. Julius, played by Verrin, the main character decides to move from New York to Miami to start his life over and when he’s in Miami he crosses paths with Vincent Bellamy while jogging one morning. Julius is impressed by Vincent’s home and begins asking questions about his success. Vincent soon becomes his Mentor in this beautiful story of the ups and downs in life and the struggles that he must overcome in order to achieve his dreams.


In his film, “In The Arms of Madness,” it is about true events. Claussen plays the role of Johnny. The story unfolds as, Rachel, played by (Gabrielle A. Paris) meets Gabe, played by (Eli Jeffree Zen). They start dating. Not before long things start to get out of hand in this love story gone bad. You’ll have to watch to find out!

In addition to acting, Claussen enjoys traveling and public speaking. He has an incredible story of overcoming addiction and shares his story in hope that it helps people to break free from the chains of addiction. “Giving back gives me such joy. I love lighting people up!”  


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