Actor Ciaron Davies: Growing up in the Heartland of the Celtic Backdrop to a Mythological Actor

Actor and Filmmaker, Ciaron Davies was born in South Wales. He was always around art, music, and sports. Being in the heartland of this Celtic backdrop, amongst the rolling hills, Welsh forests steeped in history and folklore, Davies fed a huge love and passion for mythology, sweeping landscapes, and outdoor adventures.

He began his acting by working in classical theatre. He was involved in Shakespeare, Classical Greek, and Restoration plays. He had a keen interest in historical characters and themes and would often embrace characters and films that had those qualities.

His first performance on stage with a classical theatre troupe. He loved the blend of psychological depth alongside the intensely physical from the fight scenes. He was trained by a Choreographer in using broadswords. Not only did he develop a love for acting and performing immediately, but he also fell in love with sword fighting and stunt work. With a background in theatre and martial arts, he moved then into the wonderful world of film. He loved the challenge, pressure, and freedom of living within the character that film allows. ”Film is a great art form that involves so many great disciplines and walks of life to make the magic happen and the experience of being a part of the team put in place to create the project is a fulfilling and uplifting experience,” says Davies.

In his recent film, the historical action drama about the life of Grace O’Malley, “Grainne Uaile,” Davies is the Writer and Director. It is about Grace O’Malley the 16th century Irish Pirate Queen. It is a massive ensemble cast; a revenge movie shot like a Western that follows the life of Grace, who spent her whole life defending the Irish West Coast against the might of the English. She is a ferocious woman who has carved her own destiny in a man’s world. The film has great elements of drama, political intrigue and high-octane action with stunning sword battles and plenty of ships and horses. The character Davies plays is Richard Bingham. He is described as somewhere between Genghis Khan and Hannibal Lecter. He is the villain of this picture and is completely psychotic and deeply disturbing. He is a Master Strategist, Master Swordsman, and completely deranged homicidal maniac. Bingham is a highly dangerous individual.

“I have always had a huge interest in history and mythology, folklore and ancient stories. The story of Grainne Uaile is one of the great Irish tales. She was such a fighter, a tactician and a force to be reckoned with. The fact that a woman could carve her own destiny in a world run by men in one of the most volatile portions of Irish history is truly amazing. Her story has it all, sadness, vengeance, action, drama, ships and swords! She even met the queen of England! It was a challenging film and an amazing story to be part of. There has never been another woman like her in history,” says, Davies.

Recently Davies has been working on the film, “Cu Chulainn” which is an action fantasy based on an Irish mythological hero. Has a great blend of action, magic, warring clans, Gods and Goddesses, high drama and intrigue. Davies had read about Cu Chulainn when he was a child. He recalls it being the best tale of an Irish Celtic Warrior. “The Massacre on Cielo Drive” was a great script and the role of Manson was everything I love in a character. Such a larger than life, dark, detailed, layered and frightening role to journey through. Audiences will get a huge kick out of this wonderful film.”

He has just wrapped up filming, “The Deal Breaker.”  A comedy mockumentary about an LA Film Actor in Ireland making his new film and having a nervous breakdown in the process. This hilarious film is like the film world version of “Spinal Tap” or “Entourage.”

“I am attracted to strong characters with great depth. I also like parts which are very physically demanding. I always seek for challenging roles and exceptional projects. Richard Bingham has been one of my favorite characters to play because he is such a villain and also being a historical character there’s a wealth of information to research. It makes the task of portraying a role like this, very important as he is part of history. There is also a great level of depth that can be injected. I love multi-dimensional characters.”

Davies plays, Charles Manson in “The House on Cielo Drive” by Director, Andrew Jones, due for release in 2019 by (Sony/Universal and 4K Media distributors). “It was a mental experience stepping into those boots” “It was a very interesting take on the 1969 murders, playing Manson and it was an extreme ride. The research and preparation period was about three months.

Upcoming for Davies will be playing ‘Stevie’ in the British action movie ‘Death Promise’ and also Blood Moon.” A  horror movie about a group of unrelated people invited to role play an event at a haunted mansion, that, of course, goes horribly wrong.

Expect to see in 2019  “The Green Sea” where Davies plays a psychotic hitman who will stop at nothing; kind of like a human, narcotic-fueled version of the Terminator. It is a movie written and directed by Randal Plunkett.

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