Writer/Director/Actor Ian Lang: Premieres a Profound Anti-Bullying Film- “LAPS”

Ian Lang grew up in a middle-class household, but he admits he was never particularly a popular kid, so he tended to dive into the fantasy worlds of comics, video games, and of course movies. He wasn’t big into sports and or hobbies, so he found himself at the mercy of a lot of bullies growing up. This inspired him for his latest project at CD828 Studios, into release an overtly Anti-Bullying Film “LAPS.”

The film, “LAPS” follows Mitchell, a young boy training for the next swim season. When his swim talent is discovered by some older boys on the team, they begin to bully him. Mitchell is faced with a dilemma to either choose to get them back or to tell the coach and understand that the problem is with the bullies and not him. “I’ve also wanted to tell a story without dialogue for a long time so when this story came up, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it and to make it as universal as possible,” says Lang.

“LAPS” means a lot to me because it’s all about opening your communication, sharing your experiences, and stepping outside of your context to understand that, when someone is bullying you, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, but there’s something wrong with the bully.” “When you begin to do these things, it may not “fix” the problem completely, but the victim ceases to be a victim and begins to move on, a lesson that is so important for kids to learn in order to become productive adults.”

LAPS is currently released on YouTube at https://youtu.be/QKJFiAmx0cw and will be sent out to children’s and family film festivals around the world. Lang is also working with educational organizations to spread the word, but ultimately, personal sharing between those who want to stop bullying and encourage someone who has experienced bullying is the most effective way to get the message out. “Our hope is that those who care about bullying will take this film and use it as a tool to open conversations between kids, coaches, teachers, and families.” The film is also available @lapsmovie on Facebook for easy sharing.

Ian’s journey as a Writer began in High School. He had read a few Tarantino scripts and was fascinated by the way that the words literally translated into images on the screen. When he was 15 when he decided to write his own scripts. He re-wrote a version of the Tarantino film, “Kill Bill” that he and his friends and could produce. “We only shot a few scenes and I can very safely say, it was terrible. They all were. I wrote something like 7 or 8 “scripts” that for my friends and I produced. They were terribly written and terribly executed.” “I thought they would never see the light of day, but I learned so much about the art of storytelling through it. It wasn’t until much later…much later than I’d like to admit, that I learned about beat boards, story bibles, and proper format to really take the stories to that pro-level.”

Among Lang’s recent projects is the Red Hood Fan Series, which is a fan-created series based on several of Batman’s Robin “sidekicks”. Batman has disappeared and Gotham City is in chaos, it’s up to the Red Hood, (a former Robin), and Batman’s son Damian, the (current Robin), to put the bad guys away and save the city. “It’s a really cool story, I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I also have the privilege of playing Jason Todd/Red Hood in the series so it’s a really interesting project.” “There’s a lot of action, which I love, and we’re working with great crews both in Detroit and Chicago.” “ We’ve had a great response so far so we’re excited to release our 3rd episode in Mid-December. Because it’s based on Batman comics, we have a really rich mythology to pull from so it was really just a matter of coming up with a base story and then pulling cool stuff that we liked.” You can find the series on YouTube at youtube.com/redhoodfanseries and on Instagram and Facebook @redhoodfanseries

Lang launched his company, CD828 Studios with the mission is to share positive and encouraging messages through entertainment. Whether it be Action, Suspense, Horror, Drama, Family, or a combination. They produce films and series that not only provide an entertaining escape from everyday life but continue to build the highest quality projects possible for your enjoyment. Though not an overtly “Christian” studio, they stand on biblical morality and believe in spreading encouragement to our audiences.

In the upcoming month, episodes 3 and 4 of Red Hood Fan Series will be released and the new feature “Broken Vessels” will be released in a limited engagement in mid-2019. Lang is also working on a film intended for Hallmark’s 2019 Christmas lineup in addition to shopping around a couple of pilot scripts for streaming series.

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Website: http://www.cd828studios.com

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